President Barack Obama Doing A Reddit AmA As We Speak, Good Luck Getting On

President Barack Obama has broken Reddit, another thing you should consider in the voting booth in November.

Yes, Obama is doing an AmA, or “ask me anything” in Reddit parlance. The threads are a popular Reddit feature, where sometimes celebrities (or sometimes just regular people) interact with the vibrant and diverse Reddit community, promising to answer any questions with which the users come up.

In the past, AmAs like Obamas have been huge — Reddit heros like Louis CK and Neil DeGrasse Tyson have done them, as did Anthony Weiner before swearing off social media forever. But this one, President Obama’s AmA, has seemingly caused Reddit to collapse into a hole forever, as reports indicate literally no one in the free world has been able to view the Obama AmA just yet.

It’s been less than 20 minutes since Obama’s AmA on Reddit started, and as we eagerly await access, Politico has managed to pull together some of the questions, with username, that have been asked of the Commander-in-Chief as he goes deep into the internets to don his robe and wizard hat and answer our burning questions.

Among the culled Obama AmA questions are:

    • xredlinexx1: Have extraterrestrial aliens visited earth?
    • hankypinky: Are you ever going to legalize marijuana on the federal level? Who are those strange men with guns circling my house…
    • pikpikcarrotmon: Toilet paper – facing out, or facing in?
    • Mosredna: Do you enjoy a good piece of bacon on everything?
    • craigatron: Do you intend to release the White House Honey Ale recipe as requested in this petition? If not, why do you hate freedom?
    • Phantomenom: Why is your glass of beer always full? Do you have someone from the secret service that keeps filling it up?
    • supraphonic: Chad and I were gonna order up a couple of pizzas, want in?

As of now, Reddit is still down, and we are left to wonder if we ourselves will get to ask President Obama anything. Have you managed to get into Obama’s AmA?