McDonalds Now Serving Up Lamb Burgers In Australia

McDonald’s is now serving up lamb burgers to its hungry patrons living in Australia, according to Jaunted. In order to celebrate the summer months in the land down under, the company will roll out a brand new hamburger, one that’s made from pieced together using 100% Australian lamb.

American McDonald’s lovers may balk at the idea of the popular restaurant chain serving up what they refer to as a Serious Lamb Burger. Instead of coming packaged with typical burger toppings, the aforementioned Australian menu item contains a slice of pickled beet, a fried egg, and raw red onion. For some, it’s the ideal fast food item. For others, it’s a nightmare on a bun.

The folks over at Buzzfeed managed to get their hands on a snapshot of an Australian McDonald’s billboard, which incorporates a popular nursery rhyme into the ad campaign. “Mary had a little lamb, fries, and a Coke,” it reads. Somewhere, a little girl is probably crying her adorable little eyes out.

The Serious Lamb Burger is only available for a limited time in both Australia and New Zealand. If you’re dying to give it a go, be sure to bring some serious cash, as the latest addition to the menu will set you back around $8. Thankfully, if you’re in the market for something smaller, the company is offering a lamb snack wrap, as well.

Venture into McDonald’s restaurants outside the United States and you’re likely to find a number of interesting items you never new existed. For example, those individuals with a hankering for a Big Mac can order some wine with their cheeseburger in South America. Last year, Japanese burger fanatics were able to sink their teeth into a German sausage sandwich that, to be perfectly honest, doesn’t look half bad.

For now, it would seem, McDonald’s is only offering the Serious Lamb Burger in Australia. Would you try the restaurant’s newest hamburger?