‘Satanic’ Star Sarah Hyland Makes A Deal With The Devil [Video]

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland shows a different side of her acting talents as she takes the lead in the first trailer for director Jeffrey G. Hunt’s Satanic, a horror film that warns against attempting to summon demons. While this won’t be Hyland’s first outing in a horror film, her previous genre films have blended comedy and romance with horror, as in Vampire Academy (2014) and Scary Movie 5 (2013), so the question of whether or not Sarah can be believable in a serious horror role remains.

Satanic Teaches Sarah Hyland And Friends That The Devil Always Keeps His Word

Satanic, Sarah Hyland
Sarah Hyland in 'Satanic'. Image via Magnolia Pictures.

Satanic sets an unnerving pace from the very beginning, as four friends take a detour from their Coachella destination to explore the seedier history of Los Angeles by touring the city’s “Satanic Panic-era” points of interest. Along the way, the four friends, led by Sarah Hyland’s Chloe, meet up with the owner of an occult store and accept an invitation back to the store owner’s home.

The second bad decision made by Satanic‘s hapless group of friends occurs when they come upon a seemingly innocent victim of a satanic cult and attempt to rescue her from what appears to be a sacrifice to Satan. The friends soon learn that the rescued girl is far more dangerous than anyone they have previously met on their satanic tour and it’s not long before the girl tricks Hyland and friends into making a pact with the devil.

Satanic explores an idea rarely seen in films or on television, except, of course, in the occasional Twilight Zone and Outer Limits episodes, and that is the premise of making a deal with the devil. Similarly, The CW series Supernatural has often explored a similar idea with the creation of their “crossroads demon” story arcs. Basing a feature length horror film on the idea of bargaining with Satan is still original enough to draw in horror fans, just to see how it will play out.

Will the group be able to nullify this satanic contract, before the devil gets his due? Silverware stabbing the ceiling and inverted pentacles suggests the devil will spare no trouble in claiming his due in Satanic.

Satanic Star Sarah Hyland Gushes Over Date Dominic Sherwood

Post Easter snow bunnies. ❄️????❤️ @domsherwood

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The Vanity Fair and L’Oreal “DJ Night” Event at the Palihouse Hotel in West Hollywood, California was the setting for Hyland’s most recent date with boyfriend Dominic Sherwood and the couple seemed to be very involved with one another. In fact, both Hyland and Sherwood couldn’t gush over one another enough. For Dominic, he says that Sarah challenges him to evolve into a better person. He says Ms. Hyland is inspiring and motivating as a partner and that her ability to influence him is what he most loves about the Satanic actress.

Sarah says she loves that very same thing about Dominic, and, although it may sound as though Hyland is taking an easy way out of the question, she insists she really does share that same view of her boyfriend’s ability to challenge her as a person.

“I say this on a regular basis,” Ms. Hyland said, referring to Sherwood’s response. “It’s exactly what he said, which sounds like a cop out, but I say it all the time.”

As it turns out, it’s really the other way around. Sherwood freely admits he stole the answer from Sarah, who said as much earlier that same day.

“It’s sounds like a cop out because I stole it from her,” Dominic confessed. “She said it earlier today, and I just completely stole it. I feel very bad!”

Satanic, starring Sarah Hyland, Marc Barnes, and Clara Mamet, hits theaters on July 1.

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