'Alaskan Bush People' Fakery: Billy Has Really Been In Contact With Long-Lost Daughter Over The Years

Mandy Robinson

This week on a new episode of Alaskan Bush People, everyone saw Billy's long-lost daughter return home again. This was a huge story line for Alaskan Bush People, but now it is coming out that this was something they faked once again. Radar Online shared how the show actually faked part of this episode. It sounds like everything that Alaskan Bush People told you wasn't true.

On this episode of Alaskan Bush People, Billy's daughter, Twila, from his first marriage showed up. They made it sound like the family from Alaskan Bush People had not been in contact with her in a really long time, but that isn't the truth according to sources.

Billy Brown was nervous telling his kids about it, even though they do know the truth about his life before. Sources close to his daughter Twila says that Billy has been in contact with Twila off and on over the years. It is not true at all that they haven't been talking for 30 years. Billy said on the show that she had been trying to find them.

On Alaskan Bush People, Billy explained that they had been sending letters to Twila for years, but it turns out that she wasn't getting them. Billy's wife acted like they had never met her before, but that isn't true either. The source explained that Matt Brown has always treated her like a sister, and they have been in contact over the years. Radar Online has even seen old photos of Twila and Matt together, so it is obvious this was not the first time that they met each other. Alaskan Bush People made it look like they didn't know each other at all.

Sources went on to say that Twila thought that her dad abandoned her as a child, but Billy didn't make it sound like that was what happened on Alaskan Bush People. The source went on to share that Twila is not very happy with her dad. For some reason, she still wanted to join their reality show Alaskan Bush People, though. Twila's young daughter did die in a car crash, but the source says Billy never consoled her.

This is not the first time that Alaskan Bush People has been accused of being fake. The Inquisitr shared that recently on Alaskan Bush People, Noah went on a date, and they made it look like a legit date. It turns out that he was actually on a date with an actress.

Are you shocked to hear that Alaskan Bush People was not telling the entire truth this week with the reunion of Twila and the Brown family? Did you believe that this was the first time she had met the family? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of Alaskan Bush People on Fridays on Discovery.

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