‘Southern Charm’ Kathryn Blasts Thomas Ravenel, ‘He Hasn’t Seen Our Kids In Months’

Kathryn Calhoun Dennis of Southern Charm says that her relationship with co-star and Thomas Ravenel, the father of her two children, Kensington, 2, and St. Julien, 7 months, is more strained than ever, because she alleges that Thomas has disappeared out of his children’s lives. Though the former Southern Charm couple are no longer together, Kathryn was promised that the two would co-parent the children, whom he claimed he wanted, but Kathryn says that she has been left alone to be a single parent with no help from Thomas.

According to the Inquisitr, the Southern Charm couple of Thomas Ravenel and Kathryn Dennis have had some very low points that have spilled onto social media, and include accusations of cheating and drug use. Ravenel claimed that he did not have to give Kathryn and the kids a cent, but he generously has given them money each month. Ravenel also claimed that he was being blocked from seeing “his” children, but Kathryn claims this isn’t so, and if he wasn’t spending so much time on Tinder, he would know this. Kathryn also claimed that Thomas Ravenel’s latest girlfriend (who hasn’t yet graduated high school) was sending Kathryn harassing texts with her nude bottom on the kitchen counters where Kensie and Saint eat.

But Kathryn Dennis spoke to People Magazine to claim that though she didn’t think she and Thomas would be together, she also didn’t think she would be all alone raising the children.

“He needs to support me because we have two children together. He told me we were gonna have children and I wouldn’t have to worry about anything and then he totally went off the grid.”

Kathryn claims that is has been months without a word to her, to the children, and not a single dime from Thomas Ravenel to help with their daily expenses. Kathryn says she is reaching out because she needs help from Thomas, and he needs to be in the lives of his children.

Kathryn Dennis is wondering if this latest radio silence on the part of Thomas Ravenel has to do with the Whitney Sudler-Smith drama coming up yet again. Kathryn says that Whitney wanted to take care of her, and expressed interest in marrying her in the short time they were together.

“He wanted to go and, like, give me a make-over and take me shopping. He was gonna buy me all this stuff but didn’t want my friends to see it.”

Kathryn says that Whitney knows the truth, and she knows that truth of what happened at that time.

Reality Tea is also reporting that Thomas Ravenel has not been involved with the children he has with Kathryn in a long time, considering how young the babies are. Kathryn says at this time, she and Thomas Ravenel have no communication at all. At this time, Kathryn had just seen the latest rehashing of the paternity question on Southern Charm, and is wondering why Thomas is allowing the paternity of his son to be dragged through the mud, when it was all proven before the baby was born. All Thomas would have had to say is that a test was done in advance of the birth, and the baby is his, yet he let J.D. go on and on.

“There’s some type of new science – we had the tests sent off to a lab in Delaware and they gave us the results early.”

Kathryn says she is finding it hard to understand why a father would let his son’s name be smeared in that way.

Are you surprised that for all the yelling and drama, Kathryn is saying that Thomas doesn’t even see the children?

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