Heidi Klum And Seal Argue Over Money, Kids

When Heidi Klum and Seal announced their divorce, everything seemed to be moving forward cordially. Fast forward several months, and the couple’s divorce has turned ugly.

According to a Star Magazine report, Seal decided to fight Heidi’s request for physical custody of their children, instead asking for equal time with the kids. Next Seal went after Heidi’s vast fortune.

Radar notes that Seal is worth an estimated $15 million while his supermodel wife has amassed a $70 million fortune. It was originally believed that the couple would not get involved in a fight over marital assets.

In the meantime, Seal had his children participate in a Leica digital camera advertisement with him, a video ad that Heidi Klum had taken down immediately upon its release. According to a source close to the ad fight, Seal maintained that he had “every right to use his personal photos” for the advertising campaign.

According to a source close to the ad debacle:

“Heidi felt that the children had gone through enough since their parents split, and she didn’t want their private moments out there for the world to see. But Seal maintained he had every right to use his personal photos — and, moreover, that it was a done deal and out of his hands.”

The source futher notes:

“Heidi isn’t trying to cause trouble. She’s just trying to protect her brood. Since she filed for divorce from Seal, he’s been out with more than one young woman, whereas Heidi hasn’t dated at all.”

The Heidi Klum and Seal divorce is just getting underway, which likely means more backhanded, backstabbing actions are on the way if the case continues to fall apart.