John Travolta’s Pilot Claims The Men Engaged In A ‘Six-Year Gay Affair’

John Travolta’s former pilot, Doug Gottterba claims he and the super-star actor had a “six-year gay affair” during the 1980s. The alleged homosexual affair occurred before John Travolta married actress Kelly Preston. Doug Gotterba further maintains that John Travolta stated he “preferred men” not long after the actor and Kelly Preston exchanged wedding vows in 1991, the Daily Mail reports.

John Travolta gay rumors uttered publicly by Doug Gotterba first made headlines in June. John Travolta’s former pilot told The National Enquirer he began working with movie star in 1981 and the sexual relationship began shortly later. Attorneys for John Travolta deny this gay rumor as strenuously as they have denied a plethora of similar claims made against the actor by other men, according to the Daily Mail.

Doug Gotterba also maintains he and Travolta flew to Monterey, California and stayed together at the Highlands resort in Carmel.

“We had a wonderful dinner with a fantastic bottle of merlot, and I got the sense I was being courted. As we walked from the restaurant back to the room, John suddenly said, ‘Hey, would you like a massage?’ I’d already prepared myself for something like that, so I said ‘sure, why not?’ I went back to his room, showered and came our wearing only a towel.”

Doug Gotterba went on to detail his alleged night spent with John Travolta, claiming the actor gave him a massage and was both “gentle” and “passionate.” Travolta’s former pilot also claimed the massage “turned into something else,” indicating the pair of men had sex. Doug Gotterba further claims John Travolta enjoyed having multiple sex partners and wanted to make a sex tape.

John Travolta’s former secretary, Joan Edwards, backed up Doug Gotterba’s claims that he and John Travolta had an affair. Author Robert Randolph claims John Travolta and attorney Marty Singer made erroneous claims about the writer’s mental health to prevent his book from being published. Robert Randolph penned You’ll Never Spa in This Town Again, which claims that John Travolta, 58, had sex with different men at various bathhouses.