Psychologist: Oral Sex May Be A Cure For Morning Sickness

An Academic from the State University of New York (SUNY) in Albany is suggesting a unique cure for the morning sickness that plaques a majority of pregnant women, and his suggestion is going to be greeted by cheers from men all over the world. He is suggesting that oral exposure to sperm may do away with AM nausea forever. Yes, ladies you read that right…giving the father of your child oral sex could do away with morning sickness forever as reported in the New York Daily News.

Gordon Gallup, a psychologist at SUNY-Albany, has been working on a theory that pregnant women become ill and throw up because their bodies are rejecting the genetic material of the father as something unfamiliar. He further theorizes that exposure to the father’s semen, continuously, will help the expectant mother’s body get used to the baby and her body will be less likely to suffer from morning sickness. He is suggesting that ingesting the sperm is the best way for a woman to build up tolerance.

The psychologist stressed that this theory is strictly a hypothesis and he has no immediate plans to begin clinical testing of his ideas. He has already presented the concept at the 2012 Northeastern Evolutionary Psychology Society and he took it even further by stating that his “method” would make morning sickness less likely in further pregnancies provided that the subsequent pregnancies are with the same father.

In 2000, immunologists had a similar theory that preeclampsia, which causes high blood pressure and premature birth, is caused by a lack of tolerance for the foreign properties of the fetus.

Dr. Alyssa Dweck, an ob-gyn based in Mount Kisco, NY and co-author of “V is for Vagina” called the entire idea of linking immune disorders with a lack of tolerance for the foreign genetic material “very interesting”

She said that as of now there is no medical explanation at all for morning sickness.

Dweck said:

“The accepted literature links it to possible blood sugar or hormone imbalances. Acid buildup may also cause the feelings of nausea.”

Dweck also said that she probably wouldn’t be recommending oral sex as a cure for morning sickness until there is more evidence suggesting it will work.

Gallup has long been an advocate for the healing power of sperm. He has proposed in the past that sperm presents those exposed to it with strong anti-depressant qualities.

The real question is if there is a clinical study to test the theory where does one sign up?