Sony Reveals 84-Inch Bravia TV With 4K Resolution

My 42-Inch RCA is weeping at this very moment; that’s because Sony on Wednesday unveiled its 84-inch Bravia TV that comes equipped with a massive 4K resolution display. With nearly four times the resolution of currently 1080P high-definition TVs, the XBR-84X900 is likely to gain a lot of buzz throughout geek circles.

Sony showed off the 4K TV during the IFA trade show in Berlin as CEO Kazuo Hirai stood next to the TV which is capable of up-scaling lesser signals into the 4K resolution format.

The TV is on the pricey side at a cost of $25,000, but we suspect it will quickly fall in value at a quick rate as is the case with most new technology these days.

While there is not a lot of content for 4K resolutions at this time, Sony rumors have recently pointed to 4K resolution support for the upcoming Sony PlayStation 4. In the meantime, some video formats are moving towards 4K resolution as cinemas throughout the United States adapt to the new technology, which offers crystal clear picture feedback.

The Sony Bravia XBR-84X900 is expected to start shipping before the holiday shopping season draws to a close.

Could you possibly imagine spending $25,000 on a TV set? I think I’ll wait for the price to drop below a few thousand dollars a couple years from now.