Wink Glasses Save Your Eye Sight During Gaming Binges

Sitting in front of your gaming consoles for hours or even days at a time can wreak havoc on your eye sight, especially if you’re one of those gamers who barely blinks when the gaming hits it’s most intense levels. Wink Glasses from Masunaga can solve your “blinking problem” with an innovative, yet annoying technology.

The Wink Glasses work by monitoring the users eyes, while keeping track of how often a user blinks via special sensors. After 5 seconds if no blinking had occurred an ultra-thin liquid crystal sheet “fogs up” in front of the lens, forcing the user to blink before the lens goes back to normal.

I bet you can already see an issue occurring when the game your playing hits the most crucial game play moments and your refusal to blink leads to a quick fog induced game over.

The Wink Glasses are $150 and will go on sale in Japan starting on August 10th. [thanks GadgetCrave]