'The Originals' Season 4: Marcel Finds Out Mikaelsons Are Alive - Freya's Dreamscape Explained [Spoilers]

Taylor Rios

The Originals Season 4 will be completely different from the previous seasons. For the first time, Klaus Mikaelson and his siblings won't be walking around New Orleans. The Mikaelson prophecy was fulfilled, or that is what Marcel thought. In Season 4, will Marcel find out Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, and Freya are not dead? If so, what will he do about it? How will this shape the next season of The CW vampire series?

Warning: Possible spoilers for The Originals Season 4 are ahead.

During the Season 3 finale of The Originals, Klaus Mikaelson stood trial for everything he has done over the centuries. Marcel wanted Klaus to pay for Davina's death, as well as all the other pain the vampire has caused. For once, Joseph Morgan's character did the right thing. It was a selfless act, which was completely out of character for Klaus. However, it was a twist that fans did not expect.

No matter what it is called, their lives are tethered to Klaus. Also, the Mikaelson family won't be sitting around just waiting to be rescued. Elijah, Kol, Freya, and Rebekah will be figuring out who they really are.

Moving on to Season 4 of The Originals, what can viewers expect? For one, Marcel will find out the Mikaelson family is not dead. As fans know, many vampires, especially the older ones, have a line of those they turned. It is called being "sired." If the vampire at the top of the chain dies, then the rest die, too. This is exactly how Marcel is going to figure out that the Mikaelson family is still alive.

"Very soon after the end of our finale, because the Elijah line of vampires won't drop dead, Marcel is bound to figure out that Elijah is still alive," Michael Narducci explained to TV Line. "And when he does that, he'll think, 'Maybe Kol's not dead either. Or Freya.' All he has as collateral is the long-suffering body of his sire, who's entombed in an undisclosed place."

Once Marcel finds out that Elijah, Kol, Freya, and Rebeka are alive, what happens then? He will probably try to figure out where they are. He likely won't be able to do that on his own. It is logical to assume that he will try to find Hayley, who had fled New Orleans with baby Hope and four caskets in a moving truck. When he isn't able to locate her, Marcel will probably need the help of a witch.

Regarding Elijah, Kol, Freya, and Rebekah on The Originals, they will have their own stories to tell while in the dream world. According to Entertainment Weekly, they know Klaus made the ultimate sacrifice. In addition to figuring out how to save themselves and waiting for Hayley to find a cure, the siblings will want to find Klaus Mikaelson. However, the vampire will be changed when he wakes from his coma.

"But now he's going to be suffering unendurable agony for who knows how long," Narducci told EW regarding Klaus Mikaelson, "and when we see him again, will that choice to be selfless, which resulted in so much pain and agony and solitude — the thing that he fears most — will that actually make him even more of a monster? And remember, he won't have Cami to help him. That's going to be one of the great things to play. I'm not saying that we're going to see Klaus backslide to his most terrible version, but I'm saying that threat exists, and I'm very curious to see who Klaus will be when we see him again."

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