Darryl Fornatora’s Sister Speaks Out: Surfer Still Missing From Dominican Republic

Darryl Fornatora has been missing from an exciting Dominican Republic vacation since January. Now his sister, Christina Hendrex, is speaking, and she is starting to lose hope that Darryl might be found alive. People shared the details of the search for Darryl Fornatora, the missing tennis pro from Florida.

Fornatora’s sister is now speaking out that she has more questions than answers. Darryl went missing while on a surfing trip along with a good friend. Matt Rigby and Darryl Fornatora had been on four different trips before this one, and everything went fine, but Darryl didn’t return from this trip. His sister explained that one minute she thinks he is fine and the next second she is afraid he has been murdered. Here is what Darryl’s sister revealed.

“My gut’s telling me he isn’t alive – that we’re searching for a ghost. That’s what my gut’s been telling me from the beginning. But then I’ll have these moments where I’ll think to myself, ‘God! Maybe whatever the situation was, he got away and he’s safe.’ But I know there’s no way he wouldn’t try to contact us. No chance.”

The strange thing is that Darryl’s friend Matt came back without him and didn’t even report that Darryl Fornatora was missing until he had been back for one day. Darryl’s sister explained the details.

“The trip started on Jan. 25, and Darryl went missing on Jan. 27. Matt flew back to the states on Jan. 28, and didn’t notify anyone that Darryl was missing until Jan. 29, when he called my parents. He didn’t contact anyone in the Dominican Republic to inform them his friend was missing.”

Matt Rigby went back to the Dominican Republic for one day with his wife to allegedly search for Darryl, but then he returned back home before Matt’s family went to look for him. Darryl Fornatora’s sister explained how strange this all was to her.

“Matt was behaving strangely, in my opinion. I am not sure why he didn’t stay in the Dominican Republic to meet with me and my husband, but I feel like Matt knows something he is not telling us. He and Darryl were good friends, so I don’t think he would have hurt him. But I feel like he definitely knows something more than what he’s told us, and it seems like he’s afraid of something.”

Darryl’s sister went on say that she really felt like something was weird about the story that Matt shared. He said that he wanted to go home, but Darryl wanted to stay on the trip. She also explained more.

“He says Darryl was claiming people were after him and that he got set up, but that he wouldn’t tell Matt anything more than that. If Darryl was, in fact, making such claims, he’s the kind of person who would have talked about it.”

Michael Dutko, the criminal defense attorney whom Rigby retained months ago, explained it all, though. He says that Matt thought when he got back to the United States, he would find his friend Darryl. He was sure that Darryl returned home and was shocked when that isn’t what happened. He says this is why he didn’t talk to Darryl Fornatora’s parents right away.

Darryl’s sister went on to explain that she doesn’t really think that Matt is involved, but does feel like he knows more than he is telling them. She just wants to know where her brother is at and for the family to get some closure.

CBS 12 shared some details about the case of missing person Darryl Fornatora. They were guided through the final steps that Darryl took and even looked at the place he rented for a week with Matt. The owner of Gordito’s, which is a popular place to eat, did say that they saw him briefly. They were unable to find out much more information about Darryl’s disappearance.

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