Lindsay Lohan Upset About Stealing Allegations, Burning Through Cash

The Saga of Lindsay Lohan continues! Amid reports earlier this week that Lohan was being investigated for the theft of over $100,000 worth of jewels and sunglasses this week, the troubled actress is reportedly on a spending spree to make herself feel better.

This week Lohan’s friend, multimillionaire Sam Magid, reported the theft to the Los Angeles Police Department after Lindsay and some friends crashed the night at his house after a party. Lindsay claimed she fell asleep after taking an Ambien. Lohan was woken up by Magid to tell her that he discovered the theft and was calling police. Lindsay asked officers on the scene if she was a suspect and when she found out she wasn’t she quickly left.

On Tuesday afternoon, the L.A. County District Attorney said he was not pressing charges on anyone for the theft due to “insufficient evidence”.

Sources close to Lohan said she was “very very upset” about being accused in the press of being a thief.

Lindsay’s father, Michael Lohan told Fox News that Magid told him that nothing was even stolen.

Michael Lohan told Fox:

“It is malicious prosecution and prejudice. If it was anyone else the case would be closed. If nothing was taken, how can there be a crime? I don’t care what witnesses they save they have… Witnesses to what? Does Sam have his jewelry as he told me he does?”

Sources close to Lohan said that the star has so many problems at the moment, yet she seems to get relief by burning through tons of cash.

The source said:

“Her problems are all catching up with her and Lindsay seems to spend all the money she makes.”

The source pointed out that TMZ was reporting that Lohan was banned from the Chateau Marmont for not paying more than $50,000 in bills. One bill even has her spending $685.96 on room service in one day.

Now that Lindsay has this case done and dusted, now she has to worry about being charged with lying to police over a car accident that happened last month. Lohan supposedly lied about being the driver in the crash. TMZ reported that prosecutors were going to turn the case over to Lohan’s parole officer for violation proceedings. She could face more than year in prison if they find she violated her parole.

Crisis Management expert Glenn Selig told Fox News:

“The public may love comebacks, but at some point the public gets disheartened and becomes frustrated. The latest episode potentially impacts her fans and perhaps more importantly, producers who may want to hire her for projects. What is sad is that Lindsay appeared to be on the comeback trail, true or not, this will be a setback for her personally and professionally.”