Karlie Redd’s Age Still In Question, But Evidence Suggests She’s Far Older Than She Claims

Karlie Redd’s real age is a question that has been asked for some time, but internet users are no closer to sleuthing out the Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta star’s next birthday candles number.

Karlie Redd’s real age may not be common knowledge, but a number of factors make it a bit easier to guess that the reality show star hasn’t been entirely forthright with her consistent claim she’s “in her twenties.” While Karlie Redd’s real age is not a number that has been pinpointed just yet, a refusal on her part to answer the question straightforwardly might be drawing more attention to the issue than Redd would like.

Karlie Redd’s real age and her “in my 20s” comment is, at least, something that has been kicking around as a question for the last decade. Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta is not the first VH1 reality show — Redd appeared on an earlier 2000s show called Scream Queens, and at the time, claimed to be 29 years old.

That places Karlie Redd’s real age at at least early to mid-thirties, but evidence suggests she may be a bit older than that. The key question seems to be the age of Karlie’s daughter, who Redd says she doesn’t speak about in respect to the girl’s privacy.

But rumor has it Redd’s daughter is at least 17, which would put Redd at least in her mid-to-late thirties. But Karlie Redd has recently addressed claims she’s 50, and in an interview, said:

“Do I look like I’m 50? …don’t listen to K Michelle. K Michelle don’t know what the f*ck she’s talking about. I’m in my twenties, and as an entertainer you don’t tell your age. She [K Michelle] just had to say something because I was coming at her.”

What do you think Karlie Redd’s real age is?