Angelina Jolie Frail From Wine & Cigarette Diet As Brad Pitt Cheats With Co-Stars, Headed To $400 Million Divorce?

Joanne Eglash

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have earned praise for their skills in film dramas. But has the real-life drama behind the scenes of their marriage become more volatile than any character portrayed by either Pitt or Jolie?

A new report describes the "explosive fights" that have become the norm in their household. One reason for their battle? The dangerous health habits that Angelina has developed, according to sources cited by Design & Trend.

Jolie rarely consumes food while drinking wine nightly and smoking incessantly, alleges the sources. Her unhealthy lifestyle is threatening her marriage.

"For a while, the excitement of getting married masked their troubles, but lately, they've been having explosive fights," claims one insider. "Neither of them is sure that they can or should, hang on anymore."

Although Pitt has repeatedly attempted to persuade his wife to improve her nutrition and cut down on her bad habits, he has failed, added the source. As a result, he's horrified to see her wasting away because of the weight loss resulting from her dangerous diet.

"[Angelina] barely eats, she guzzles wine every night and she smokes constantly. Brad's just exhausted from spending so much energy trying to get her to take better care of herself. It's been hard to watch the woman he loves waste away."

But it isn't just Jolie's physical health that upsets Pitt. Initially, Brad was attracted to Angelina's "dark side," but as they spent more time together, he gradually became frustrated with her tendency to isolate.

Also threatening their marriage? Jolie has become "jealous and suspicious" toward two of her husband's co-stars in a new movie, according to the Christian Times.

Pitt is allegedly close to both Marion Cotillard and Lizzy Caplan, causing Angelina to feel "betrayed." He is described as constantly gushing over his co-stars to the point where Jolie has become "furious."

The new film in which Brad stars with Caplan and Cotillard is titled Allied, according to the Daily Mail. Sporting vintage World War II costumes, Pitt is filming in various locations for the movie, set in 1942. Also starring in the historic thriller is Downton Abbey star Matthew Goode, with Robert Zemeckis directing.

The war drama reveals what happens when Brad's character, Max Vatan, becomes enamored with a French agent Marianne Beausejour, played by Marion Cotillard. Max is involved in a mission to slay a German ambassador, who is hiding in Casablanca.

The twists and turns of the plot include marriage and even a family -- until Max discovers that Marianne may be a Nazi spy. Allied is scheduled for release on November 23.

But while Pitt's movies always have a tidy ending, the same may not be true of his marriage to Jolie. The couple is headed to a $400 million divorce, according to sources cited by Hollywood Life.

One source revealed that if the rumor that Brad has been cheating on Angelina with his co-star Marion Cotillard is true, Jolie will be "furious." However, Pitt says that although he has not been unfaithful to Angelina, but is at the point of ending the marriage because of his wife's jealousy.

With the couple worth a combined $400 million, a divorce would be complicated. They own a variety of property, including homes in New Orleans and Los Angeles as well as a $60 million French Chateau and $40 million Italian villa.

One report describes Jolie as "practically emaciated," with "terrible mood swings," claiming that the "only way out of the jealousy and misery is a divorce," according to Gossip Cop.

However, a source close to Pitt and Angelina told Gossip Cop that the claims, including allegations that he is "overstepping bounds" with actress Marion Cotillard, are "nonsense."

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