'Beauty And The Beast' Debut Trailer Gives Little Away [Video]

Beauty And The Beast, the live-action adaptation, finally has its debut trailer, according to Cinema Blend. Even though it's been a while since Disney unveiled the film's casting lineup as well as its release date, the world hasn't seen any footage or images from the upcoming live-action film. Until now.

Disney regularly releases films full of nostalgia and sweet childhood memories, and this time, it's working on the adaptation of classic Disney's Beauty And The Beast film. And it's expected that the upcoming film will bring home lots of cash, judging by the success of The Jungle Book, which was inspired by Disney's 1967 animated film of the same name and has grossed $858 million worldwide.

And the fact that Beauty And The Beast includes Harry Potter's Emma Watson in its cast could mean only one thing: the film will likely cross the $1 billion mark worldwide. Beauty And The Beast's official Facebook page announced earlier this month that a day later the world would see the first-ever footage from the upcoming Disney film.

And obviously, fans of Disney movies, as well as people who want to immerse themselves into nostalgic Disney moments, had been waiting for the first-look footage with excitement. Beauty And The Beast's debut trailer was unveiled during Good Morning America on ABC.

According to the official description of the film, Beauty And The Beast is "a live-action musical romantic fantasy film." And this time, Disney will do something it didn't do in Maleficent and Cinderella-- it will put musical numbers in the film. In fact, those musical numbers helped the original film get an Oscar for Best Original Song in 1992.

With the exception of Emma Watson, the star-studded cast of Beauty And The Beast has plenty of singing talent. The cast of the live-action film includes such Broadway stars Kevin Kline, Audra McDonald, and Josh Gad.

Beauty And The Beast also features Ewan McGregor, who proved he can sing in Moulin Rouge, Emma Thompson, as well as Stanley Tucci and Ian McKellen. The film hits theaters less than a year from now, on March 17, 2017.

But Watson's lack of signing abilities doesn't mean she was a wrong casting choice to play Belle. On the contrary, the Harry Potter star is called "the perfect modern Belle" to star in Beauty And The Beast.

And there were four things that really caught viewers' eye in that debut trailer for Beauty And The Beast, according to E! Online.

Just like Disney does with pretty much all its films, the House of Mouse company swapped its original Magic Kingdom castle with the castle that would make an appearance in 2017's Beauty And The Beast. At the very beginning, all the lights inside are off, but then one light at the top turns on and viewers can make out a silhouette. And that's Beast's silhouette, who is portrayed by Dan Stevens.

And then those unfamiliar with McGregor and McKellan's voices probably didn't recognize them screaming "Look! A girl!" at one point of the trailer for Beauty And The Beast. The two actors can't be seen, but their voices can clearly be heard.

The only moment that viewers get to see Emma Watson (kind of) is when her eyes and eyebrows are shown when Belle discovers a magical rose inside a glass container. And that's when viewers also got to glimpse Belle's hand and a ring, but some people have made the point that there is nothing to definitively say that it was actually Watson's hand shown in that particular scene.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]