$290 Paper Bag Designed To Carry Lunch For Rich People

The $290 paper bag looks just like an ordinary paper bag. It can carry sandwiches, apples, and even some Tupperware filled with last night’s leftovers.

But the $290 paper bag costs a lot of money. Which you know, makes it special.

The Jil Sander men‘s Medium Vasari Bag from the A/W 12 collection is a “long rectangular silhouette and is crafted from coated paper.” It has the words “Jil Sander” printed on the bottom” and two gold colored metal eyelets.

So, yeah. It’s just a paper bag.

CEOs in this country get a lot of criticism for taking big bonuses while cutting the salaries of lowly day laborers. So it’s not really surprising that some rich people would want to blend in with the middle class. One sure fire way to do that is by bringing your own ordinary brown bag lunch to work. Let me repeat: By bringing your own ordinary brown bag lunch to work.

The $290 paper brown bag, which has already SOLD OUT, could possibly be the most wasteful way to spend money. Dollar Tree, one of the most renown paper bag sellers in the country, currently lists a pack of 40 bags for $1. Which means you could buy over 11,000 ordinary paper bags for the price of one Jil Sander men‘s Medium Vasari Bag.

Then again, the target for the Vasari Bag probably isn’t a penny pincher.

Here’s a side by side comparison of two paper bags. Can you tell which one costs more than my car payments?

brown paper bag

What do you think of the $290 paper bag?