Doctors Think Michigan Teen Contracted Flesh-Eating Bacteria From Shaving Razor [Video]

Burton, MI – Kaylee Queen almost died from a flesh-eating bacteria which doctors feel she may have contracted while shaving her legs. Doctors removed muscle and tissue from Kaylee Queen’s body due to the aggressive nature of the flesh-eating bacteria. Queen underwent emergency treatment in a Michigan intensive care unit.

The Michigan teen initially thought she was suffering from the flu; the idea of a rare flesh-eating bacteria invading her body did not occur to the 18-year-old. Kaylee Queen was taken to a Burton, Michigan area hospital after a “raised rash” appeared across her body, according to the Daily Mail.

Michigan doctors believe Kaylee Queen may have contracted the flesh-eating bacteria while shaving her legs, the spot where the raised rash first appeared. During her first day in the hospital, Queen showed no signs of improvement. Doctors determined the Michigan teen was a victim of two kinds of bacteria, the flesh-eating variety and a yet unidentified bacterial attacker.

“She had a band starting from her leg up to her abdomen and her side and it was a raised rash. It was like two inches, like a warped rash. It was literally spreading up her body,” the flesh-eating bacteria victim’s mother, Dianna Queen stated during an ABC 12 interview.

Both tissue and muscle destroyed by the flesh-eating bacteria had to be removed to prevent further infection. Kaylee Queen improved after extensive treatment and asked for chicken soup and her cell phone when she woke up in the hospital. Kaylee Queen’s recovery from the flesh-eating bacteria is expected to be slow. Michigan doctors reportedly feel she will be “back to normal” over the course of the next three months.


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