Old Spice Commercial Invites You To Make Music With Terry Crews’ Muscles [Video]

The latest Old Spice commercial allows you to make music with The Expendables star Terry Crews’ considerable muscles, resulting in one of the more amusing interactive promotional pieces to come down the pipeline in quite some time. The clip is beyond amusing, so be sure to set aside plenty of time to play around with the clip before sitting down to do so. Commercials are rarely this entertaining.

According to Mediabistro, the Old Spice clip is the “first-of-its-kind embeddable interactive experience,” which allows the viewer to mash buttons on the keyboard to make music with Terry Crews’ sizable muscles. Although it may sound like something designed by an individual with serious mental issues, the end result is strangely fascinating.

The clip starts out innocently enough, with Terry Crews’ muscles connected to various instruments scattered around the room. Whenever he flexes, it triggers a musical response. Before long, Crews has launched into a nonsensical rant about Old Spice and being manly. While this bit is enjoyable in its own right, the fun doesn’t really begin until the clip has ended.

Viewers are then invited to create their own musical composition using Terry Crews’ muscles, which are mapped directly into your keyboard. In addition to drums, saxophones, and keyboards, certain keys will cause the actor to spout a wide variety of nonsensical phrases. If you’ve ever wanted to create an experimental techno song centered around internet sausages, now’s your chance to do so.

For those who are serious about crafting their own Terry Crews-oriented masterpiece, Mediabistro has a list of which keyboard keys control each instrument. Once you get everything figured out, you can press RECORD and lay down your own Old Spice ditty. Recording music has never been so much fun and disturbing, all in one fell swoop.

During a recent Reddit “Ask My Anything” session, Terry Crews discussed everything from the aforementioned commercial to his personal philosophy regarding success. If you’re a fan of his work, it’s an entertaining read.

To make your own song using Terry Crews’ muscles, take a look at the Old Spice commercial embedded below.