Montee Ball Assault: Police Arrest Three In Attack On Wisconsin RB Ball

MADISON, Wisconsin — Authorities have arrested three males allegedly involved in the assault on Wisconsin senior tailback Montee Ball that happened earlier this month.

On August 1 at 2 am, Ball, a Heisman Trophy finalist, was walking down a street in downtown Madison, Wisconsin when he was jumped by as many as five individuals who threw the athlete to the ground and began kicking him in the head and chest.

The attackers fled when one of Ball’s friends and a man across the street moved to help him.

All three suspects — – Wendell Venerable, Deonte Wilson and Robert Wilks –- are 21-year-olds who attend Wisconsin, and each is currently being charged with substantial battery-party to a crime after Ball suffered both a concussion and a bruised jaw during the attack.

Police have said the attack may have been related to a fight at a house party that Ball attended a few days earlier.

However, detectives say they have no evidence suggesting Ball was involved in that fight.

“I obviously still think about it,” Ball said recently when asked about the attack. “But it is most definitely behind me. I have no more anger toward the people who did it. I’ll be honest, I did. It was a bad situation. There is nothing I can do about it.”

Montee Ball, who finished last season with 1,939 yards rushing and 39 touchdowns, is expected to play during Wisconsin’s home opener against Northern Iowa this Saturday.

“I’m just going to use the energy from it and use the anger I had from it and channel it onto the field,” Ball said.