What Are The Real Reasons That ‘Southern Charm’ Star Whitney Flipped Out?

The veil has been lifted on Southern Charm, and fans now need to rethink all the things they have seen and heard over the last three years. Most viewers thought that Whitney Sudler-Smith was just cranky and emotionless, but it turns out that he has allegedly been stewing for three years with anger, mainly aimed towards Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. Craig Conover thought he had cracked the code, and perhaps he did, but Whitney likely presented the soft-pedaled version to a Miss Marple-like room of suspects when he said that Whitney was angry because he loved Kathryn, but she ran off with Thomas.

And then, according to the Inquisitr, the driving force behind all of the decisions made by Whitney Sudler-Smith is his mother, the thrice-married Patricia Altschul, best known lately on Twitter for the hashtag attributed to her, #BlockedbyPat. Miss Pat has been amping up the pressure that she wants her baby boy Whitney to find a suitable girl/woman of good breeding, marry her, and present Miss Pat with grandchildren tout suite. That is how Kathryn Dennis initially fits into the Whitney/Pat spider web.

But Tamara Tattles reports that Craig was close by thinking Kathryn broke Whitney’s Grinch heart and that is why he addresses her with such contempt. Tamara has been dishing and digging up some serious dirt lately, and much of it surrounds the odd relationship between Whitney and his mama, Miss Pat, the self-proclaimed doyenne of Charleston.

“Whitney hates Kathryn because she would not be his beard in season one, probably after she agreed to and realized the creepiness factor of living with you and Patti.”

And then she takes it one step further, suggesting that Kathryn indeed slept with Shep, she obviously slept with Thomas, but she never slept with Whitney. On Southern Charm, fans saw in season one, and as a flashback this season to Whitney, bubbling with excitement, that he had perhaps landed that unicorn, a young woman with a big time family name (Calhoun), who would be fun to play Henry Higgins/Eliza Doolittle games with under the guise of a relationship. He could have her hair done, dress her up in DVF…

She Knows agrees that there is something that makes very little sense about Whitney’s level of outrage and anger for three years toward Kathryn. Add that to Whitney’s mother’s war plan to scratch Kathryn off of any social scene, it all seems like more than a broken heart. Suddenly, Whitney, who usually just stays in the background, drinking and smirking, has now been forced into the center of the circle and is being asked to confess and admit that, at some point in time, he might have had feelings for something or someone — or at least admit that he had a plan involving Kathryn, evil though it may have been.

She Knows is taking Craig’s side in all of this because she believes that Craig’s heart was in the right place even if his head didn’t get it just right about Whitney and Kathryn.

“I am with Craig on this. Even if Whitney wasn’t in love with Kathryn, something must have gone very wrong to make him this upset — so upset he just cannot let it go. His loathing toward Kathryn goes so far beyond recreational hatred, it’s almost funny.”

The Charleston City Paper says thatCraig Conover is now Kathryn’s drama queen proxy, because if she couldn’t get a rise out of Whitney up in the mountains, then Craig would do it for her. But instead of a mere insult along the lines of “Why are you almost 50 and living with your mother,” like Kathryn would have served up, Craig mans the big guns, and you can tell this has been brewing since his trip home to Fenwick, Delaware.

“Molotov cocktail explodes in his face. Tobacky goes everywhere.”


And in throwing the suggestion or supposition bomb, Whitney’s head figuratively explodes.

According to Tamara Tattles, if Whitney was over being stung by the redheaded vixen, a visit from his far-away European girlfriend, Larissa, should make everything better, right? It seems that Tamara is suggesting that there is something that doesn’t smell quite right with this relationship.

“She is sexually fluid, allegedly so we here, please sue me, and is also an actress in her homeland. She goes all out in her girlfriend role and Whitney can barely tolerate being kissed by a beautiful woman.”

The suggestion here has less to do with the 20-plus-year age difference between Whitney and Larissa and more to do with them being perhaps sexually incompatible.

Will Whitney every be able to put Kathryn Dennis behind him?

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