Adele Stops Concert To Put A Fan On Serious Blast, ‘Stop Filming Me!’ [Video]

Adele put a recent concert on hold to put a fan on serious blast for filming her rather than enjoying the show.

Twitter account @musicnews_shade posted a 20-second clip of Adele calling out a concert goer on May 30, in which Adele can be seen slamming a fan for setting up a video camera on a tripod to record what was thought to be the entire show.

“I want to tell this lady as well, can you stop filming with a video camera because I’m really here in real life,” Adele told the fan in the concert clip. “You can enjoy it in real life rather than through your camera.”

As Adele fans cheered the “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)” singer for calling out the concert goer, Adele then asked the fan, “can you take your tripod down?”

But Adele didn’t stop there.

“This isn’t a DVD, this is a real show!” Adele then continued to the fan, “and I’d really like you to enjoy my show because there’s lots of people outside that couldn’t come in.”

Clearly annoyed over the fan’s attempts to record her show, Adele then turned her back on the concert goer before appearing to mouth something as she walked away to the back of the stage.

Adele’s on-stage outburst divided the opinions of fans online, with some social media users opting to praise Adele for deciding to call out the concert goer while others claimed that the pop star went too far by pausing her show to put the fan on blast in front of the thousands of fans in attendance.

“Adele needs to chill they paid $300 let them take a f****** video” Twitter user @sparklyjoeyy wrote on the social media site, while @Sadnightvibes tweeted out, “had this been anyone else yall would’ve been dragging them so hard. what’s the issue? they paid. let them live.”

Adele Stops Concert To Put A Fan On Blast, 'Stop Filming Me!' [Video]
[Photo by Xavi Torrent/Getty Images]

“This is just rude that person is probably a fan that loves her and wanted to remember it and Adele humiliated them,” @1dmysons claimed on Twitter, and @Alex_Soderholm wrote, “aw that was kind of mean. They were just trying to have something they can look back on and relive.”

But while some fans called out Adele for her in concert behavior, others defended Adele for putting the concert goer on blast during the show.

“How is it rude to tell a fan to enjoy the concert instead of filming illegally when there’ll be a DVD anyways?” @adelesoup wrote on the 140-character site in response to the video, and @shealuvsadele tweeted, “Imma tell you the same thing. She had a TRIPOD. There’s no need. Phone is one thing.”

Adele Stops Concert To Put A Fan On Blast, 'Stop Filming Me!' [Video]
[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]

“But I think she is right!! They paid over $300 to enjoy her live and not to focus on filming a f****** video,” @Holycanadian94 added, while @Albinopapi tweeted, “nah I agree with this. If the artist says no phones then put ’em away. There will always be 100 better official pics after.”

It’s not clear at which of Adele’s 2016 tour shows the video was filmed, though Adele’s insanely popular tour has already played a string of shows around Europe in the U.K., Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, and Italy since it began in late February.

Adele’s huge 2016 tour is set to continue until November, with shows currently scheduled in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Belgium, France, and The Netherlands.

What do you think of Adele’s decision to put her concert on hold to call out the video recording fan? Was Adele right to call out the concert goer for filming the show?

[Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]