Kelsey Grammer: I’m Not A Crossdresser But I Am Sexually Adventurous [Video]

Celebrity interviews can be so boring. Or, with Kelsey Grammer on the couch, they can be controversial, revealing, and a little dirty.

Grammer took a seat on Oprah’s couch to promote the new season of his show, Boss, and the two got to talking about Grammer’s sometimes tumultuous personal life.

Oprah went right for the good stuff by starting her interview with a few questions about Kelsey’s ex-wife.

Oprah said:

“Let’s talk about the parts you don’t want to talk about…your ex-wife!”

The actor said that his ex-wife Camille Grammer always wanted to be famous and that he agreed to appear on The Real Housewives because he wanted to allow her to play that part. Grammer did say, however, that the show falsely portrayed their divorce and said that Camille wasn’t “blindsided” by the end of their relationship.

Grammer also talked about a few rumors that were started by Camille about how he was a crossdresser.

Kelsey said:

“She said a lot of bad things about me didn’t she? I’m a very entertaining complex guy. I’ve never been a crossdresser. I don’t live as a crossdresser. But I have been very sexually adventurous.”

Here’s an interview with Kelsey Grammer.

This isn’t the only controversial interview that Kelsey Grammer has done recently. Last week he told Jay Leno that the only reason he didn’t get an Emmy for his show Boss was because he was a Republican.