Dollar Store Robber Killed By Armed Customer

Jacksonville, FL – A would-be Dollar Store robber was killed by an armed customer who happened to be in the shop at the time of the incident, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The suspect was fatally wounded after being struck by two rounds fired from the 57-year-old’s handgun. Another robber quickly fled the scene in a small SUV, and local authorities are currently on lookout for the suspect.

“One of them had the clerk and one of them was at the front cash register,” Lieutenant Rob Schoonover explained to

Once he realized what was happening, the customer, who is licensed to carry a concealed weapon, drew his gun and fired two shots into the suspect standing near the clerk. Both shots connected, resulting in the man’s death. Although police questioned the customer following the shooting, no charges have been filed. Thankfully, no employees or customers were harmed during the robbery.

Shortly after explaining what went down to authorities, the man was able to contact his family. “We just get a phone call saying, ‘I’m OK, but something happened,’” his son explained. “It just sucks that we have to work late and have to carry a gun.”

According to, the heroic customer’s wife said there’s a very good reason why his shots found their intended target. “He’s always been a marksman,” she explained. “He shoots in competitions, but this is the first time he’s ever killed anyone and I don’t know how he’ll handle that.”

Local authorities are now on the lookout for a six-foot tall mqn who was wearing khakis, a blue bandana, and black gloves at the time of the incident. If you or someone you know has any information about the second suspect in the attempted robbery on the Jacksonville Dollar General Store, you are encouraged to contact the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.