President Of Egypt Promises Justice After Elderly Christian Woman Stripped Naked In Street

Dee Sharp

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of Egypt has promised justice for the victims who were attacked by Muslims in the Maya Province of Egypt on Friday. Rumors of a Christian man having an affair with a Muslim woman sparked the attacks, and seven Christian homes were attacked and torched. During that attack, the mother of the man having the affair, a 70-year-old Christian woman, was stripped of her clothes and dragged into the street and beaten. The man's parents had already filed a report with the local police station about receiving threats on May 19, which they expected to happen the next day.

"What is also unacceptable is the utter disinterest - at best - and/or complicit and criminal negligence - at worst - with which the local security services conducted themselves, and the Minya Governor's denial that these crimes occurred."

The lawyer for the teens in that case said that the growing atmosphere of intolerance in Egypt could hurt his clients' chances of an appeal. Obviously, the intolerance had escalated since then, including an attack in Egypt recently by ISIS that killed several Egyptian policemen. The recent attack which resulted in the elderly woman being stripped and beaten has angered several Christian leaders in that area.

Do you feel that President Sisi should make sure justice is served in this case of Christian persecution in Egypt? Please feel free to comment below.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images]