New York Valedictorian Jumps To Her Death Hours After Moving Into Columbia University Dorm

Marta Corey-Ochoa committed suicide Monday evening by jumping out of her Columbia University dorm room. Marta Corey-Ochoa was the valedictorian at Dobbs Ferry High School and was majoring in both math and English at the college, according to the New York Daily News. The new Columbia University student had only recently completed a freshman class orientation.

A New York Daily News source claims Marta Corey-Ochoa had a history of psychiatric problems. Corey-Ochoa allegedly jumped from her 14th floor Columbia University dorm room in John Jay Hall. The Dobbs Ferry High School valedictorian was pronounced dead shortly later at St. Luke’s Hospital.

A dorm gathering for freshman occurred at 9 pm to go over residence policies and offer a chance for new Columbia University students to socialize. It is currently unknown if Marta Corey-Ochoa attended the first night on campus event. Classes at Columbia do not begin until September 4. Students at the New York City college are reportedly very shaken by the tragic suicide.

“There are suicides around midterms and finals. When I was a sophomore, one of the students hung themselves in the dorm bathroom,” Columbia University senior Allie Schwartz told the New York Daily News. Schwartz also noted her surprise that a student had taken her life on the first night on campus before academic pressures had begun.


Columbia University Dean Kevin Shollenberger emailed students about the suicide:

“Martha was passionate about mathematics and literature, and was recognized as a very talented writer. We extend our deepest condolences to the family of this student.”

Counseling services for students are ongoing on the Columbia University campus. The Student Wellness Project is planning a meeting Tuesday evening to discuss the tragedy. The group was formed last year after another student suicide at the New York college, according to the Columbia Daily Spectator.