Samuel L. Jackson In Twit-Storm Over Issac Comments, Rags On GOP

Samuel L. Jackson, who is basically everyone’s favorite actor in the whole world ever, is currently battling a Twitter firestorm over a quip he made about Hurricane Issac (also known as Tropical Storm Issac) skipping the RNC and heading on over to New Orleans, a city that has yet to fully recover from the horror of Hurricane Katrina exactly seven years ago.

Samuel L. Jackson made a light joke on the microblogging service about the impending hurricane, and the actor was soon battening down his own hatches under a hail of flying tweet-debris and a rain of criticism.

It seems in this politically charged climate, and with what many believe are some highly-suggestive, dog-whistle style political attacks from the right against the President, race is the elephant and donkey in the room as the election edges ever closer.

And somehow, Samuel L. Jackson, a beloved national treasure, got yanked into it. I want everyone to go to your rooms and think about what you’ve done.

It all began when SLJ made the following comments on Twitter, regarding Issac’s approach and the veer off course from the RNC in Tampa towards fragile New Orleans. Jackson not only did not mention, but did not hint at race when he said:

Reaction was swift and bizarrely, much of it accused the actor — who you may have noticed, is black — of racism:

#RACIST Samuel L. Jackson rants GOP ‘spared’ by tropical storm… And we’ll ‘spare’ our $ by boycotting your movies #moron — Dirty Di (@Di_Abolical) August 28, 2012

While Jackson’s comments, as we pointed out, did not mention race, it’s interesting a lot of responders seemed to infer a race-related tone to the remarks — kind of following with the “angry black man” narrative lobbed at Obama in recent weeks by the self-same GOP with which many of these Twitter users align. The tone was not lost on Jackson, who responded:

The Pulp Fiction actor then joked:

Jackson reminded Twitter users everywhere to be safe, regardless of their party affiliation:

But he isn’t shying away from politics — the venerated actor most recently tweeted:

What do you think of Samuel L. Jackson’s comments on the hurricane and the RNC?