Can The GOP Recover From Todd Akin?

The dueling op-eds over Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments and the GOP’s fate come election time rage onward. While Democrats continue to tie Akin’s controversial comments to the GOP’s platform with “he’s not the only one” at the heart of their rhetorical strategy, some political heads still say that the controversy will die down, and that the GOP can save face before the election – as long as Todd Akin goes away for good.

The election has arguably taken a sharp turn after Akin’s comments, from the economy and policy toward social issues, among which President Obama emerges as the uncontested victor, argues Greg Sargent at the Washington Post. Dems obviously got a boost from Akin’s statements, and the left is taking advantage of it: weaves many GOP figureheads, including Paul Ryan, together by their stances, comments, and voting records on abortion and rape.

Still, are the pro-life stances of Conservative candidates really a surprise? Akin’s comments notwithstanding, is there a real controversy, even conspiracy, to be had here?

Senator Roy Blunt believes that the controversy all begins, and ends, with Todd Akin. “If he gets out, I think we win the seat,” the senator told Politico. Blunt also maintains that he believes Republicans will take Senate majority come November, but adds that it would be much easier if Akin just dropped out. Still, Akin has remained steadfast in the race against Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, and still believes he can win.

“He said that after he thought about it, he thought he was still the best candidate,” Blunt said. “He’s got a little more time to think about this.”

Do you think that Akin’s leave would dull the controversy surrounding abortion and rape stances? Can the Republicans win Senate control, or is the GOP finished? Sound off below!