Paris Jackson Posts Prom Pic With Female Friend, Dyes Hair to Match Date's Dress, Wears Shirt And Tie

Paris Jackson attended a prom this past Saturday with a female friend. Jackson sported a navy jacket, pink shirt, and blue tie, along with hair dyed a teal color, to match her friend's dress.

The day before the prom, Jackson posted a pic on Instagram with freshly dyed hair, commenting, "spilled an icee on my head."

Paris Jackson, May 26, 2016. [Photo by Instagram/ParisJackson]
Paris Jackson, May 26, 2016. [Photo by Instagram/ParisJackson]On the following day, 18-year-old Paris posted another pic of her and an unnamed prom date. She posted next to the pic, "Only true friends dye their hair to match their gal's prom gown," per the Mirror.

Paris Jackson and Unnamed Female, May 28, 2016. [Photo via Instagram/ParisJackson]
Paris Jackson and unnamed female, May 28, 2016. [Photo via Instagram/ParisJackson]Just two days before the prom, Jackson posted a photo of an unnamed male sleeping. To the right of the pic, she said, "Never met anyone that looks this adorable when napping. So lucky to call him mine."

Paris Jackson and Unnamed Male, May 26, 2016. [Photo Instagram/ParisJackson]
Paris Jackson and unnamed male, May 26, 2016. [Photo Instagram/ParisJackson]______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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Like many teens, Paris seems to love Instagram. Just five days ago, she debuted another tattoo in honor of her father, Michael Jackson. The inked art features a portion of the King of Pop's 1991 Dangerous album cover. It shows Jackson's eyes surrounded by outlines of various animals.

Paris posted a close-up of the tattoo on Instagram along with some words, noted UInterview.

"'The meaning of life is contained in every single expression of life. It is present in the infinity of forms and phenomena that exist in all of creation.' Never forget your roots, and always be proud of where you came from."
The first part of the quote was from her father's book, Dancing the Dream. To date, over 55,000 likes have been recorded on the post.

Paris Jackson arm tattoo, in honor of Michael Jackson, May 24, 2016. [Photo via Instagram/ParisJackson]
Paris Jackson arm tattoo, in honor of Michael Jackson, May 24, 2016. [Photo via Instagram/ParisJackson]The teen also loves Twitter, and a glimpse into her day-to-day life can be gathered from her tweets.Last December, Paris broke up with Chester Castellaw, a serious boyfriend. Before breaking up, Jackson said she wanted to marry Chester, and this caused the Jackson elders to be on high alert.

After the couple parted ways, Paris Jackson bleached her hair blonde and was spotted smoking cigarettes. She was advised of the dangers by the Jackson family and fans on Twitter but did not respond well to being told what to do. In an Inquisitr report, it was noted that she struggles with addiction and attends AA meetings.

Paris Jackson celebrated her birthday on April 3, and even then, the Jackson family expressed concerns about who the teen is dating. She brought 26-year-old Michael Snoddy, a Los Angeles drummer, to her birthday party. He is known for sporting a Confederate Flag tattoo.

[Photo by Helga Esteb/Shutterstock]