Jon Gosselin, Michael Lohan pitching 'Divorced Dads' reality show

If you read the tabloids, it's common knowledge that John and Kate plus 8 super-dad, John Gosselin has been hanging in the Hamptons with Lindsay Lohan's dad, Michael Lohan. They seem to be best buds, but they have also been working on an idea for their own reality TV show that will center around the trials and tribulations of being divorced dads.

Page Six reports:

"JON & Kate Plus 8? womanizer Jon Gosselin is shopping a new show based on being a single dad, sources said. The Gosselins have earned as much as $75,000 per episode with "Jon & Kate," but insiders said most of the money goes toward the kids, and that Jon is hard up for cash. "He's looking for endorsement deals to get that extra money," one source said. Hollywood broker Mike Heller is trying to help Gosselin. Fame-mad Michael Lohan introduced Heller to Gosselin (Heller used to broker deals for Lindsay Lohan), and told us he helped brainstorm a new show, "Divorced Dads Club." But our insider insists, "Michael will not be involved," adding, "Jon has been approached to do various reality shows, but due to his contract with TLC, he can't begin to think about doing anything right now." Reps for both TLC and Gosselin declined to comment."

So Jon Gosselin, the same dude who pays about $5,000 a month rent on a swanky New York apartment, jets around the world for expensive vacations with hot young skanks and was recently seen in NY buying a pair of $1,000 shoes... is hurting for cash?

We hope he does get some work soon, because helping to support 8 kids and keep up his current lifestyle ain't gonna be cheap.