Facebook’s Oldest User, Florence Detlor, 101, Spends The Day With Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s oldest user, Florence Detlor, 101, spent the day with social network website’s creator Mark Zuckerberg on Monday. Detlor lives in Menlo Park, California near the Facebook campus. Mark Zuckerberg and Facebooks COO Sheryl Sanberg gave Florence Detlor a VIP tour of the facility on Monday, according to the New York Daily News.

Florence Detlor joined Facebook in 2009 so she could stay in touch with her loved ones. Detlor is reportedly enjoying her recent celebrity status and the multitude of new online friend requests which occurred as a result. Detlor’s centenarian Facebook status gained her nationwide attention after USA Today and Jay Leno shared her Internet social networking story.

Facebook’s oldest user graduated from Occidental College in California in 1932. Fans and new online friends often refer to Florence Detlor as the “grandmother of Facebook.” On Detlor’s Facebook profile, she noted she enjoys looking for a good book to read and has titles shared with her regularly from her new internet pals.

Florence Detlor posted on Facebook after gaining throngs of new friends from around the world:

“I like to think of new friends. Good night everyone. Sleep well.”

Detlor regularly browses photos of her family and friends to keep track of what is going on in their lives. She found the concept of Facebook “intriguing,” gave it a try, and decided she could indeed easily learn how to use the social network platform, according to the Detroit Free Press.

Florence Detlor may be the oldest known Facebook user but is just one of many senior citizens joining the website to reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with family, grandchildren in particular. Facebook classes to help senior citizens learn how to use the social sharing website are becoming commonplace in libraries across the country.

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