89 year old Brit straps himself to wing of plane

89 year old Tom Lackey flew the 25 mile English Channel at about 100 miles per hour, strapped to the wing of a small plane.

Mr. Lackey performed the stunt in honour of the first flight across the Channel by Frenchman, Louis Bliriot, 100 years ago. The plane left Sangatt which is near Calais, France, at noon on Saturday. Tom and his pilot, Mike Dentith landed half an hour later at the Duke of York Military school airstrip in Dover.

Tom Lackey, who will celebrate his 90th birthday next month, has done 9 wingwalks in his lifetime. He says the flight was the longest and best one he has ever done.

“It was fantastic experience flying over the sea, a remarkable day.

We flew over the Channel at 1000ft at over 100mph, it is an amazing feeling having the wind hit you like that.

The view was absolutely beautiful, it was quite an emotional experience as well as a thrilling one.”