Donald Trump’s Ugly Misogynist Head Rears Up At Arianna Huffington On Twitter

Donald Trump seems hellbent on proving the old adage about people thinking you’re a schmuck being not as bad as opening your mouth and removing all doubt, with a purely misogynist attack lobbed at media mogul Arianna Huffington posted publicly on his Twitter feed about an hour ago.

With Trump, you know you’re not going to make any headway in educating the man about comportment or class, not to mind finer social nuance such as that surrounding race or gender. And indeed, Trump has proven time and again that not only is he not capable of picking up such subtle cues, he couldn’t care less that he’s ignorant on these fronts.

To Trump, women are ornamental, nothing more, to be traded in when they’ve outlived their usefulness as decoration in his home, one imagines. And while that may seem to be an assumption unfair to Trump or perhaps based on a public persona that’s a caricature, one need only look at his recent words to Huffington, said out loud and in public, after he got angry at some of her site’s coverage:

Yes, that is Trump reducing this woman who has in many ways revolutionized media, and certainly helped paved the way for blogs to transition from LiveJournals to what they are today, to a plaything that may have (in his speculation) outlived its usefulness to her husband at some point in the past. (Huffington and her former husband remain on amicable terms and even vacation together with their daughters.)

Trump’s ugly view of women comes into stark contrast as he attacks Arianna Huffington without any sense of shame — and the timing couldn’t be better, as last week Trump was bestowed an award for “statesmanship” from the Sarasota GOP. To Trump, he won’t attack Huffington on her merits because to him, a woman’s merits stop after she no longer appears to be thirty years old. (And for whatever age she is, Huffington is a striking and well-put together human person.)

But if you will, travel to an alternate universe where Trump would attack a man his age for appearance or his sexual attractiveness — and while it could be imagined, it is not likely. In Trump’s world, women serve a single purpose, and Huffington goes out of her box of eye candy, thereby threatening his anti-woman worldview.

Many speculate that this piece — not penned by Huffington herself but by a staff writer — is what got Trump’s panties in a twist. Which, if true, is interesting also because Trump chose to attack the female owner of the media empire rather than the writer that rather mildly ragged upon him.