'No Man's Sky' Dev Received Death Threats After Release Date Delay

No Man's Sky has been one of the most anticipated video games of the last few years, almost from the day it was first shown off. Having said that, it appears there are some people who are more excited about No Man's Sky getting a release than others. Part of the reason so many people were getting so excited about Hello Games' latest creation is that the title went quite a long time without a release date at all. Then, the developers finally announced it would be coming in June of this year, and there was much rejoicing. It shouldn't come as much of a shock that when Hello Games announced they were moving the release date from late June to August, there was a bit of consternation.

While most of the Internet was able to deal with their disappointment like mature adults, other's took their love of No Man's Sky to a whole other level. In fact, this other level was apparently one where people were willing to kill because they had to wait a few months to get their hands on the PS4 exclusive. Hello Games lead developer Sean Murray divulged on Twitter that he had received death threats once the new came out about the delay.
"I have received loads of death threats this week, but don't worry, Hello Games now looks like the house from Home Alone #pillowfort"
While Murray was showing a sense of humor about the death threats in his tweet, we don't think he was kidding about receiving those threats. No Man's Sky developers have been fielding all kinds of questions about when the game was going to be coming out, and there were certainly some who didn't entirely believe they would have the title ready by the end of June. It turns out the game's developers really couldn't get it done by the time they had been shooting for, but the good news is Murray and company clearly think this August launch date will be the last time they have to change the release.

His joking about needing to hole up in his apartment came just a few days after he posted the sad announcement about No Man's Sky on the Sony Playstation Blog, according to Attack of the Fanboy.

"New release date for NMS got finalized late last night. It's been a tough decision, but it's the right one. We're happy with the progress, but we need this time to make the game you guys deserve. We couldn't be working harder than we are right now. The Sony Blog post going live at 1 am surprised us, but we wanted to let people know as soon as we could. Things are moving quite quickly."
Perhaps the craziest part about the disappointment over the delay is that it wasn't just the developers who drew the ire of the gaming public. It appears that at least a few of the news websites which covered the announcement were confused for the people who were making the announcement. Destructoid reports one Kotaku writer was personally held accountable by one Twitter user who felt he was the reason the game was being delayed.
The Twitter user claimed instead of taking a trip to London, he was going to find the writer, Jason Schreier, and "mess" him up. This same person, who still has an active Twitter account, had also been going after Schreier on Reddit. On that website, he had been claiming Schreier had been running with unsubstantiated rumors. It turns out the rumors the poster didn't want to believe were true. Hello Games has now said No Man's Sky will be launching for the PS4 and PC on August 9, 2016.

[Image via Hello Games]