Tropical Storm Isaac Now Full-Blown Hurricane

We’ve been watching Tropical Storm Isaac as weather forecasters have predicted that its transformation from tropical storm into hurricane is shortly upon us. Well, that moment is officially now. Get used to seeing “Hurricane Isaac” in media reports.

President Obama’s warning to Gulf residents to not “tempt fate” ring eerily true amid reports that the tropical storm is now considered to be a full-blown hurricane. If you weren’t taking Isaac seriously before, now is the time to start. Forecasters say that Isaac has strengthened and has turned into a Category 1 hurricane with winds clocking-in at 75mph as it speeds toward Louisiana (where a state of emergency was recently declared by the president).

The US National Hurricane Center has reported that Isaac picked up strength as it moved over the warm, open waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane is expected to make landfall over southeastern Louisiana, possibly affecting the New Orleans area, by late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Up-to-the-minute updates regarding Hurricane Isaac are being provided by the National Hurricane Center on Twitter. They have tracked the storm’s progress all morning with a series of urgent and eerie tweets:

Expect safety instructions and more media coverage as Hurricane Isaac barrels toward Louisiana and evacuations take on new urgency.