George Clooney Cheating On Amal? The Real Story

George Clooney and his beautiful, as well as intelligent, barrister wife, Amal Clooney, have been the subject of some nasty tabloid rumors as of late that revolve around George’s longtime friendship with Hollywood leading lady Julia Roberts. The pretty woman is at the center of controversy and is reportedly a touchy subject for the raven-haired beauty.

Due to their role within the soon-to-release film Money Monster, George and Julia had been in one another’s presence extremely often. Of course, the rumor mill got churning that not only that Amal is jealous of the duo’s close bond, but following this, rumors also surfaced that the two were involved in a love affair.

As Movie News Guide relays, an apparent source spoke to the tabloid, which is not fully reliable, in regards to the supposed infidelity.

“Amal has had enough! She’s sick and tired of watching George cozy up to Julia. She can never compete with their long history.”

This drama has also reportedly led Amal to push for a divorce from her actor hubby and get her distance from the pair. However, the publication relays that the gossip debunking site Gossip Cop has stopped these claims in their tracks and notes the accurate story about the trio.

“[A]ccording to Gossip Cop, George Clooney has not cheated on his wife with Roberts and there is no divorce taking place. There is also no animosity between Amal Clooney and Roberts. The two ladies were even spotted holding hands earlier this month at the ‘Money Monster’ premiere at the Cannes Film Festival.”

A rep for Clooney also told the gossip policing site that George had stated there is absolutely no truth to the story about an affair between he and Julia, and that divorce is not something that either he or Amal are even considering seeing as they are fully smitten with one another, just as they were on the day they first wed. The rep was additionally sarcastic with the site, stating that they now should “enjoy its Pulitzer” for getting to the bottom of the rumor.

The outrageous rumor about jealousy by Amal towards Julia Roberts was a follow up to an earlier story this year that stated Amal was livid with an event between George Clooney and his supermodel pal Cindy Crawford, which resulted in the two winding up naked in bed together. The story had been shared once by George late last year, however when Cindy shared about the event early in 2016, tabloids jumped on the story and insisted that Amal was annoyed with Cindy for this, as well as jealous about the humorous event that both stars spoke of.

George and Cindy remain great friends and Amal is likewise entirely content with her husband’s choice of gorgeous female besties.

As for the true relationship between George and Amal, they are a solid unit. The two were married in 2013, and have since appeared just as smitten with one another as they were on the day they first tied the knot. Although Amal is not in the entertainment business, she certainly pulls off the red carpet look well and supports her husband in his various projects. Likewise, George is not just a pretty face to swoon over onscreen. The star is also a human rights advocate and most recently made his stance on accepting refugees from Syria known, while he visited Angela Merkel to discuss the matter of refugee entrance into the nation, as the Guardian reported.

The couple is therefore the perfect complementary match for one another and obviously support the effort of the other. There is no truth to infidelity claims or divorce rumors.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]