Amish Teens Arrested For Driving 110 MPH While Tossing Alcohol From Van Windows

Five Amish teens from Rochester, Indiana, are in trouble with the law after they were caught driving their van down the road at 110 mph just before midnight.

According to police, the speed limit was only 60 mph on the stretch of U.S. 31 that they were driving on. As police approached the van, unaware of who might be inside, the inhabitants of the 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan started to throw bottles of alcohol from the windows, allowing the glass to shatter on the highway. The high rate of speed, alcohol, and litter of glass about the highway made the situation very dangerous, and police officers were adamant about stopping the van before someone got hurt or killed, according to FOX 59.

Trooper Ben Reason was on the scene as part of the high speed chase. He was surprised to find that the driver and inhabitants were Amish teens, but glad the chase ended with no injuries.

“Alcohol, high speed, and teenagers is an all too often deadly combination. I am glad we stopped these kids before they injured or killed themselves or someone else.”

Amish Teens Arrested For Driving 110 MPH While Tossing Alcohol From Van Windows
When Trooper Reason approached the driver, he became aware that the inhabitants were Amish. The driver was under 21-years-old and smelled of alcohol. Upon further investigation, it was found that the male driver was only 17-years-old and only had a learner’s permit. The passengers were also Amish. Two females were ages 16 and 17, and the two male passengers were both 16. All of the teens were under the influence of alcohol, and their blood alcohol levels were between.02 and.08.

The driver of the vehicle was charged with reckless driving, operating a motor vehicle while under the age of 21 while intoxicated, a violation of his learner’s permit, speeding, and illegal possession of tobacco. The other boys in the car were charged with underage consumption of alcohol and possession of tobacco. The females in the car were charged with minor consumption of alcohol and possession of tobacco. The legal age of consuming alcohol in Indiana is 21, and the age of tobacco consumption is 18.

A further search of the vehicle revealed that the teens did not toss all of the alcohol out of the car. According to Fox News Insider, there was a jug of whisky in the van, cases of beer, and various bottles of other types of alcoholic beverages.

Amish Teens Arrested For Driving 110 MPH While Tossing Alcohol From Van Windows
Troopers had a difficult time attempting to reach the parents of the Amish teens. None of the teens have telephones in their homes, so contacting the parents was not an easy task. Troopers attempted to find numbers for neighbors or anyone that might be able to reach out to the parents and advise them that their children were arrested for endangering the lives of others while driving recklessly and consuming alcoholic beverages and tobacco while underage. After a while of searching and reaching out to people, a relative of one of the teens was finally contacted.

All five teens were released to the relative and are expected to appear in court to face their charges. No jail time was served as a penalty for their misdeeds.

Although the revelation that the drivers of the speeding minivan were Amish teens was surprising to the Troopers involved in the high speed chase, they understood that regardless of religion, beliefs, or culture, teens are all under the belief that they are invincible in such situations and that even the best kids will participate in deviant acts once in awhile.

Still, the troopers took the situation seriously and ensured that the teens were aware of the danger they put others in and were not lenient on the charges. Now it is up to a judge to decide their fates.

[Image via Hutch Photography/Shutterstock]