Black Ice Cream: Would You Eat $7 'Charcoal Ash' Ice Cream?

Black ice cream is getting a bunch of buzz. And the latest black ice cream gaining popularity isn't like the black ice cream in the above photo from 2007. That black ice cream was flavored with black licorice, something that has been popular since the 1930s and 1940s. The newest black ice cream gaining buzz comes with ingredients that some foodies claim could detox the body with charcoal and ash ingredients.

As reported by the Daily Mail, the black ice cream getting loads of attention can be found in New York. The newest black ice cream contains coconut milk, coconut cream, and flakes -- but also has the burned black shells of coconuts to give it the charcoal look of a truly black-colored ice cream, as seen in the below photos.
The black ice cream is the latest food to jump on the trend of including charcoal within its ingredients in order to pass on detoxing and cleansing benefits. Charcoal water already exists, with plenty of celebrities taking to the trend of drinking pitch-black water and touting its claims of helping to improve a person's health, which are debatable.Either way, the look of the black ice cream is certainly shocking, and one that causes folks to stop and take note. Whereas stores like Cold Stone Creamery are replete with colorful flavors -- to see a pure black coloring on an ice cream is interesting indeed. Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream is the New York eatery that sells the jet black flavor.
On Instagram and Twitter, lots of photos of the "Coconut Ash" black ice cream are showing up, along with reviews from folks who have actually gotten a chance to eat the black ice cream from Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream. Those who have tasted the black ice cream report that it has a taste similar to vanilla ice cream, which seems ironic, given its coloring.Even though the black ice cream dubbed "Coconut Ash" is a unique new offering in the line of charcoal foods and drinks that have populated the nation, the makers of the black ice cream are not marketing it as a healthy food. Whereas very expensive black charcoal water can be found from a variety of sellers online and in grocery stores claiming to release toxins from the body, the black ice cream makers are not making those claims.Instead, the black ice cream found in New York is part of a tasty treat that people are ordering with Oreo cookies, chocolate sauce, and other goodies loaded with sugar. And the black ice cream does not come cheap. Expect to spend about $7 for a cone of black ice cream. The expensive cost of the black ice cream is not stopping patrons and customers from flocking to the eatery in droves in order to try a cone of black ice cream for themselves, and to naturally post photos of the black ice cream on their social media accounts.

Expect the black ice cream to stain your mouth and teeth, however, as warned one woman on Instagram.

"This coconut ash ice cream from @morgensternsnyc's might look beautiful, but beware! It will turn your mouth into a black hole/ make you look like you've been drinking lots of dark wine and your coworkers will definitely make fun of you."
Now that the black ice cream photos are going viral, the Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream location is getting tons of attention on Instagram. Certain photos show a consumer with her black ice cream melting down her hand. Others show the black ice cream looking more like a soft serve ice cream.

[Photo by AP Photo/Larry Crowe]