Robert Kirkman Suggests A ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ Crossover Could Be Possible, Plus ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Start Date Prediction

When Fear The Walking Dead first went into production, there was talk the show would crossover with The Walking Dead. However, as time passed, the show’s producers started shooting down a crossover between the two shows. But now, it seems, a crossover is on the cards once more.

Originally, even before Fear The Walking Dead had aired, The Nerdist suggested there could certainly be a crossover between Fear and the show that started it all, The Walking Dead. However, as CinemaBlend points out, by PaleyFest 2016, when Fear‘s showrunner, Dave Erickson was asked, he said a crossover would not happen.

“No. That’s the one straight answer I can give you. The chronology is so far apart, and there’s a continent between them.”

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But, what a difference a few months can make. Now Robert Kirkman (creator of the comic books the shows are based on and one of the executive producers on both programs) has gone on the record to say that while a crossover would be very hard to organize, it could potentially happen. Here’s what he had to say when a fan asked him at the recent Hawaii Comic Con according to

“We’re already on Season 7 and this one’s on Season 2 and that would be crazy. As far as if those characters will ever encounter each other, I mean, they’re in the same universe so it’s completely possible. Geographically, they’re no where near each other so it would be somewhat far-fetched if group A were to somehow encounter group B unless over the course of many, many, many, many seasons somehow it made sense.”

While Robert Kirkman’s statement doesn’t say for sure there will be a crossover between the shows, by suggesting a premise set up over many seasons could make a crossover seem plausible, indicates AMC could still be contemplating just how to make a crossover work in the long run.

This would mean, if a character were to turn up in Season 7 of The Walking Dead that is known as one of the characters in Fear The Walking Dead, AMC have many seasons of Fear to make the appearance of this character work. However, as has been stated several times by various members of both Walking Dead teams, the logistics of getting the characters across the U.S. and into the territory of The Walking Dead would mean an extreme trek across a savage country now overrun by the undead. It will likely be this part of the crossover that would be the hardest to make plausible.

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Regardless of whether or not there will be a crossover between the two shows, Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead will return on August 21. This means it is likely The Walking Dead Season 7 will premiere directly after the Season 2 finale of Fear if previous year’s programming indicators are correct. That would mean The Walking Dead will likely premiere Season 7 on Sunday, October 16, 2016, after the Season 2 finale of Fear on Sunday, October 9.

Season 2 of AMC’s Fear the Walking Dead returns Sunday, August 21 with Episode 8 at 9 p.m. ET. It is anticipated Season 7 of The Walking Dead will premiere after the conclusion of Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead.

The official synopsis for the second half of Season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead is below.

“As Fear The Walking Dead embarks on the second half of season two, the Clark, Manawa and Salazar families fracture. The events that took place at the Abigail compound have set all of our heroes adrift. Now they must forge their own paths to survive.”

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