‘The Vampire Diaries’: Candice King On Saving Damon And Enzo – Did ‘TVD’ Actress Reveal Huge Clue? [Spoilers]

The Vampire Diaries Season 8 will not air for quite some time. However, there are still TVD spoilers being released by the cast and crew. Recently, actress Candice King spoke about Season 8. What can fans expect from Caroline Forbes and Stefan Salvatore, the couple known as “Steroline?” How will Alaric’s storyline fit into the mystery of the missing vampires? What will happen with Damon and Enzo? The actress teased that the two vampires might not be possessed or stripped off their goodness at all. Is it possible that Damon and Enzo are simply lying dormant in their own bodies while the creature in the Vault takes over? Did King just reveal a huge clue about what the monster inside the Vault does to its victims?

Warning: The Vampire Diaries Season 8 spoilers are ahead.

On the season finale of The Vampire Diaries, Alaric told Caroline to follow her heart. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, “Steroline” fans rejoiced when Caroline and Stefan kissed. However, the episode titled “Gods & Monsters” didn’t end happily for everyone. Damon and Enzo encountered the monster inside the Vault. It was previously assumed that the two vampires were possessed by the creature. One source even stated that the monster strips all the good qualities in its victims. However, Candice King teased that it might be a process that takes time and there is still hope.

In Season 8 of TVD, expect Damon and Enzo to disappear, snatching up innocent victims, killing them and hanging dozens of bodies in what appears to be a warehouse. Bonnie, Caroline, and Stefan will try to locate their missing friends. However, Bonnie has lost her magic as well as the two most important men in her life. Finding Damon and Enzo will be a challenge.

So, what else is known about The Vampire Diaries Season 8? IGN spoke to Candice King, who plays Caroline Forbes on TVD. She used an interesting phrase when describing Damon and Enzo’s predicament.

“I think that Bonnie, Stefan, and Caroline are going to have their work cut out for them,” Candice King told Eric Goldman in IGN‘s video. “I’m interested to see how Alaric plays in bringing Damon and Enzo back from the dark side and…. finding them and waking them up.”

If King is right about Damon and Enzo needing to “wake up,” then that means all hope is not lost. Instead of having their goodness stripped, it seems that they are buried somewhere inside their bodies. If the creature in the Vault didn’t possess them or change them, did it just make the real Damon and Enzo “lay dormant” so it could take over their bodies and minds? This means that not all hope is lost. Damon and Enzo can still be reached, they still exist and someone just has to get them to overpower the sinister creature.

Brian Young, who wrote “Gods & Monsters” would say very little about the creature in the Vault. However, it was implied that at least one of the TVD characters is convinced Damon can be brought back.

“What we really wanted to do was give Damon a chance to act on ‘Bad Damon’ again, but do it in a way that we can always forgive him for,” Young told TV Guide regarding Damon Salvatore‘s predicament. “Season 8 is going to be rough for Damon and Enzo because bad sh** is going on. But Stefan, always believing the best in his brother, believes Damon is still in there.”

Perhaps this means that the monster in the Vault needs time to completely take over its victims. It is reasonable to say that the longer the creature stays in control, the less likely Damon and Enzo are to wake up. If this theory is accurate, then Bonnie, Stefan, and Caroline won’t need a spell, complicated ritual or anything supernatural to fight the monster. They just need to get to the “real” Damon and Enzo. They need to do or say something that will cause the two vampires to wake up and fight to regain control over their bodies.

With Damon, hearing or seeing Elena would do the trick. The Salvatore brother has a love for Elena Gilbert that is strong and powerful. That will never go away, even though Nina Dobrev is no longer on The Vampire Diaries. Elena’s voice is how the creature lured Damon closer and it will probably be the only way to get Damon to wake up.

Enzo is in love with Bonnie, but is their love strong enough to get through the sinister creature? Also, keep in mind that Elena and Bonnie are linked. If Elena wakes up, it is because Bonnie died on The Vampire Diaries. There is no way to have both Elena and Bonnie unless the writers put a creative twist in that particular storyline.

Regarding Alaric’s storyline in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries, it will be interesting how involved he is in saving Damon and Enzo. As for Steroline, Candice King believes that Caroline and Stefan have a good chance of making their relationship work.

What do you think of the TVD theory regarding the monster inside the Vault? Are Damon and Enzo still inside their bodies? Is there still a chance to defeat the creature and get them back? If so, how will this be done in Season 8 of The Vampire Diaries?

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