Bill Cosby Latest Victim Of Death Hoax

It’s been a fantastic week for fans of the death hoax. Russell Brand, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Bill Cosby have all been killed off on the internet over the last few days. The famous comedian and Jell-o spokesman is the latest to celebrity to be the subject of a deadly rumor.

The rumor apparently began after someone started an “R.I.P Bill Cosby” Facebook page. Surprisingly, there are at least four Facebook pages mourning the comedian’s death. The earliest one seems to be from June 2010 while the most recent was published yesterday.

Despite the fact that the Facebook page was published without a fake obituary or death report, several Cosby fans still bought the hoax.

Which, come on, is a little ridiculous.

When Eddie Murphy died earlier this year a fantastically fake story was published about how he crashed into a tree while snowboarding in Switzerland. When Reese Witherspoon met her internet doom she was reportedly stabbed to death. Robert Pattinson was killed in a car crash. James Blunt died of a heart attack. And Reba McEntire fell 100 feet to her death while filming a movie in Australia.

And Bill Cosby didn’t even get one beeby-do-boppity story?

Shame on you death hoax rumor mill. Shame on you.