‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Reveals Her Final Three Guys, Reality Steve’s Spoilers Wrong?

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher isn’t very good at keeping a secret, much like her predecessor Kaitlyn Bristowe, who leaked out a photo with Shawn Booth on Snapchat before her season finale aired last year.

Just days before the second episode airs on ABC, JoJo’s big reveal of her final three guys will have fans wondering if Reality Steve‘s final rose spoilers are wrong or if JoJo is trying to throw fans off course. [spoilers ahead]

[See update to this story below]

On last Monday night’s premiere, JoJo eliminated six men, leaving her with 20 suitors who will move on to the first round of dates on Week 2 (May 30). JoJo revealed to Entertainment Tonight that, by the second week, she had already figured out who her top three guys were, and she was confident that her husband was one of them.

Interestingly enough, the three men she revealed as her frontrunners this season are the same guys Reality Steve states made it to the overnight dates that were filmed earlier this month — Luke Pell, Robby Hayes, and Jordan Rodgers. However, it’s a little early in the season for JoJo to be releasing the very guys who Steve states will spend the night in the Fantasy Suite with the Bachelorette.

UPDATE May 31: Reality Steve revised his spoilers and now states that Luke does not make it to the overnight dates.

Did the show’s producers have JoJo intentionally leak her final three to the media in an attempt to put Steve’s spoiler blog out of business or was there a more important reason for her conversation with ET? Perhaps Steve’s spoilers are wrong, or partially wrong, and the ending will turn out to be a shocker like Des Hartsock’s season.

Conspiracy theories aside, Steve is confident that his spoilers are correct, so her early “top three guys” confession a conversation that she had while filming the second episode — may make some of the other contestants feel a little duped if they were led to believe they had a shot with JoJo.

If Luke, Robby, and Jordan were JoJo’s top picks from the get-go, was she simply going through the motions on dates with the other men cast for the show up until she got to the overnight dates? It sure sounds like it — no wonder so many of her rejected suitors are said to be heading to the upcoming season of Bachelor in Paradise.

So, about her final three guys — did she sleep with them in the Fantasy Suite, and is Jordan Rodgers really her final pick?

It was obvious to viewers that she was instantly smitten with Jordan Rodgers on night one, giving him both the first kiss of the season and the first impression rose. Reality Steve says the season turned out to be the “Jordan and JoJo show” but confirms that she not only spent the night with Jordan, she hit the Fantasy Suite with Luke and Robby as well.

Spoilers indicate that JoJo sends Luke home (next Bachelor?) after the overnights, leaving Robby and Jordan to duke it out for the final rose. Considering there are rumors that Luke could be the network’s top pick for the next Bachelor, Steve’s spoilers appear to be spot-on. [See update on this story here]

However, Jordan is not the only guy she had the hots for, and during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, JoJo revealed that although she considered Robby a “dark horse” on the first night, she quickly changed her mind and revealed that she had a “good feeling” about him after spending time with him on the first group date of the season on Week 2.

Will Reality Steve‘s spoilers turn out to be 100 percent correct this season, or will JoJo find out about the cheating allegations shared by Jordan’s ex-girlfriend and end up with Robby?

Find out what the real story is by watching the Bachelorette on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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