Woman Tells Police She 'Wasn't Scared' When Husband Tried To Kill Her Just Months Before Her Murder [Video]

A Louisiana woman was found dead in a canal and her husband has since admitted to shooting her before disposing of her body. The woman, Kimberley Nicole Perkins, was at the center of a domestic disturbance case that was captured on a police officer's body cam just months before her murder.

In the video, Kimberley is heard telling a police officer that her husband, Sam Clark, Jr., had held a gun to her head. However, she says she "wasn't scared" because she was "ready for it to happen." It seems her intuition was correct and the young mother would allegedly die at the hands of her husband just six months after the video was recorded.

The Daily Mail reports that 27-year-old Kimberley Perkins was allegedly the victim of domestic violence for some time. A police body camera captured one of the domestic incidents on camera when Sam Clark, Jr. called police to his home accusing his wife of stealing his money. In the video, Kimberley is seen speaking to police about her relationship with Clark noting that he was physically violent. In fact, it appears that Clark had been so violent in the past that Kimberley was not the least bit surprised when he pulled a gun on her in October of 2015. She claims that she wasn't even scared when he pulled the gun because she was just "ready for it to happen," referring to the murder.

Sadly, Kimberley was prophetic that October. Sam Clark, Jr. would later admit to murdering his wife and throwing her body in a canal. The body cam footage was used by police to show that Clark treated Perkins as though she was his property with the husband demanding the woman be drug tested and forced to return "his" money.

Lieutenant Aaron Biddy says that Clark was very demanding and that Perkins was forced to do exactly what he said or face the consequences.

"She was a piece of property to him. It didn't matter. He wanted what he wanted and nothing she wanted mattered."
At the time of the body cam footage in October of 2015, police arrested Clark, Jr. after Kimberley told them that he had grabbed her by the neck, twisted her leg and held a gun to her head. However, after Clark was arrested and facing felony charges that would have kept him behind bars, Kimberely changed her story and asked that her husband be released. With Kimberely not willing to testify, the charges were dropped to misdemeanors and Clark returned home with his wife.


Just six months after the argument, Kimberely would be found dead in the canal from two gunshot wounds to the head. Gunshot wounds that were allegedly inflicted by Sam Clark, Jr. The night before her death, Kimberely took to Facebook making a post to friends noting that "If I die, say Sam Jr."

Police immediately turned to Sam Clark, Jr. as the suspect in the shooting death of Kimberely and the husband did not deny his involvement. Instead, the possessive husband admitted to killing his wife and is now facing charges of second-degree murder.

Meanwhile, a friend of Kimberely set up a YouCaring page to help pay for a memorial site for the domestic violence victim. According to the page, Kimberely was cremated at the request of Sam Clark, Jr. before he was charged with her murder. Since Clark was her spouse, he was able to make her funeral arrangements despite Kimberely's family and friends asking for the woman to be buried, not cremated.

"Because she was married at the time of her death, her spouse had say over all the arrangements and decided on cremation. But those of us who are left behind, wish to be able to dedicate a place to her with a beautiful resting place to be able to go and be with her at times. Something we feel we were denied upon her being cremated. That is what this fundraiser is for."
[Image via St. Landry Crime Stoppers]