MTV Video Music Awards: Rihanna, Frank Ocean Set To Perform

The MTV Video Music Awards already had a pretty solid lineup with Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Pink all set to perform. But MTV wasn’t completely satisfied. The music station just announced that Rihanna and Frank Ocean will also be performing this weekend at the VMAs.

According to MTV News, Rihanna is tied with Drake this year for most VMA nomination. Rihanna had two music videos nominated for the “Video of the Year” award: Her hit “We Found Love” and the video she made with Drake, “Take Care.”

Rihanna has been in the news lately due to her ongoing and occasionally abusive relationship with Chris Brown. The “Birthday Cake” singer recently said that she still loved Brown despite the black-eye that he gave her in 2009. Several people have insulted Rihanna for her decision to forgive Chris Brown while others have come out in support. Regardless of how you feel about the Barbados singer she’s definitely going to put on a show at the VMAs.

Frank Ocean was also a hot topic earlier this year when he officially came out of the closet. Ocean was one of the first male performers from the hip-hop world to admit that he was gay. Ocean received a ton of support and built a huge following overnight.

In addition to Rihanna and Frank Ocean, Taylor Swift, One Direction, Green Day, Alicia Keys and Pink will perform at the VMAs.

Are you excited for the MTV Video Music Awards?