People Protect Cops During Anti-Trump Rally — Group Of Americans Surround Police Officers In New Mexico, Shielding Them From Violent Protesters

A group of Americans bravely stood between police officers and an angry mob protesting against Donald Trump’s candidacy at an anti-Trump rally. The people formed human barricades around the cops and shielded them from attacks. Multiple law enforcement officials were injured after the group of protesters started hurling stones.

A supposedly peaceful anti-Trump rally turned violent in Albuquerque, New Mexico. While a large group of protesters participated, local police confirm a small mob was persistent and wanted to cause a ruckus. While Donald Trump was speaking at the Albuquerque Convention Center, the anti-Trump protesters gathered outside, reported The Daily Beast.

Gradually the protest turned unruly as people opposing Trump’s candidacy started throwing T-shirts, plastic bottles, and other items at police officers deployed to maintain law and order at the venue. Subsequently, some of the protesters started hurling stones and barricades at the cops, while others began miniature bonfires out of “Make America Great Again” shirts. Reports indicate many in the mob smashed multiple doors and caused damage to the local infrastructure and establishments.

After the people started breaking barriers, local police responded with tear gas in an attempt to disperse the crowd, but the protesters retaliated by hurling stones. Local news outlets recorded the anti-Trump protesters trashing the barricades erected in front of the convention center. Many protesters attempted to forcibly enter the venue, presumably with the intention to disrupt Trump’s speech.

Incidentally, not all in the group of protesters wanted violence. Before utter chaos broke out, a bunch of peace-loving individuals decided to protect the cops who were merely following orders and doing their duty.

The small group of people was present quite near to the epicenter of violence. While cops were asking people to move onto the south side of Tijeras, and to get off the street, anti-Trump protesters began to turn violent. The group started yelling at the police officers, insisting they weren’t moving or going anywhere. Realizing the situation could turn ugly at any moment, a small group of Americans silently started lining up between the law enforcement officials and the mob. The group was seen holding peace signs. Eventually they all just started linking hands, reported Independent Journal Review.

The group even mimicked the movements of the cops. As the officers moved ahead, so did the group, and followed them when the cops stepped back, ensuring constant barricade between them and the crowd of unruly protesters. Eventually, a large human wall was created that completely covered the cops. The people then politely started telling the rioters, “If you wanna get to them you have to get through us first”

Subsequently, the mob got tired of facing the people and dispersed, but the police stood their ground and so did the people giving them protection, shared Lena Sevenfold, a member of the group.

“They stayed straight face [sic] through it all. Even with rocks flying and everything. Protestors seemed to have given up on going forward in the street towards the cops and went to protest more towards the convention center.”

Despite the best efforts of the Americans trying to protect the cops, the unruly rioters did injure about six law enforcement officials. Unconfirmed reports indicate some of the horses used by the police officers sustained injuries as well. While none of the injuries were life threatening, one of the officers suffered a bleeding nose after a stone hurled by one of the rioters hit him in the face.

However, the internet appreciated the courage displayed by ordinary citizens while protecting police officers who weren’t taking any sides and were merely doing their job of controlling the crowd and limiting instances of violence, which have steadily become more intense.

[Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images]