Harmony Of The Seas Sets Sail, Passengers Complain It Is Still Construction Zone

Everyone has been excited to vacation on the new Harmony of the Seas cruise ship, but it looks like they may have set sail on this ship a bit too early. Daily Mail shares that guests on the Harmony of the Seas are very upset and are saying that it is still a construction zone. This is not the vacation they have been hoping for on the Harmony of the Seas. The people on board are saying the ship is a “serious risk to all passengers.”

This boat just left and went out on its first voyage, but the passengers on Harmony of the Seas are not pleased at all. Passenger Georgina Davie, from Southampton, spoke out and said, “Ninety percent of the children’s attractions that it was marketed for have been shut for the whole cruise and are still being worked on.” A lot of people went on the Harmony of the Seas for this exact reason, but now their children are not able to enjoy the attractions.

Several pictures of the Harmony of the Seas have been shared, and they show things that are not complete. There is a drain that isn’t covered up, along with holes in the floors of the Harmony of the Seas. They are still working on the ship, and passengers are having trouble sleeping due to the sound of drilling. There are also loose cables, blow torches, open paint tins, and power tools on the top deck of Harmony of the Seas, which make it a very unsafe environment. Another shared photo of the Harmony of the Seas shows the urinals overflowing.

Guest Georgina Davie is speaking out and is very unhappy about her trip on the Harmony of the Seas. She said, “The ship is a construction site and is unsafe and a serious risk to all passengers. I understand contractors sometimes don’t deliver, but Royal Caribbean should have taken responsibility for it and given people their money back or reduced it and told people before getting on board instead of leaving them stuck in the middle of the sea where they can’t do anything about it.”

More complaints about the Harmony of the Seas are coming out. Guests are saying that the ship doesn’t have enough high chairs and room service isn’t arriving at rooms after placing an order. The jacuzzis are also said to be out of order. Davie says, “They never said 90 percent of the kids’ attractions wouldn’t be finished and there would be contractors all over the ship.There was one day of sunshine and we were on the deck and all the contractors were congregating there. You’re trying to sit there in your bikini and they’re standing there staring at you.”

One shocking claim from Hayley Lewis says that the Harmony of the Seas is missing some of the safety glass on the top deck. Hayley also shares that there is sharp debris in the children’s pool area.

Telegraph also shares a few more details about what is going on with Harmony of the Seas. Passengers are extremely upset. Passenger David Mitchell says that they had to put up barriers by customer service due to so many people waiting there to complain about the trip. A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean has commented on the complaints.

“As always, Royal Caribbean’s highest priority is to ensure the safety of all its guests and crew members and any final maintenance is being carried out in accordance with strict safety guidelines. These early sailings were made possible due to the early delivery of the ship and we hope this has been reflected in the great value offering guests secured for their holiday.”

Are you shocked to hear what is going on with the Harmony of the Seas? Do you feel like they should have waited to take this ship out? Sound off in the comments below.

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