Best Memorial Day Beaches To Visit This Holiday Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend and that means it’s time for people to head to the beach. While weather varies across the nation, making a trip to the beach dependent upon Mother Nature, many people plan to spend Memorial Day and the weekend at the beach. For some, Memorial Day is the official start of the summer season, even though the holiday’s true meaning is a solemn one. Memorial Day is a designated time when Americans remember the veterans who gave their lives for freedom. The difference between Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day is that Memorial Day remembers those who died in service and Veterans’ Day is a time to remember and recognize all veterans. While many people visit cemeteries and place flags, wreaths, and flowers on the graves of fallen soldiers, Memorial Day weekend is also associated with barbecues, cookouts, parties, and spending time at the beach. Here are some of the best Memorial Day beaches to visit this holiday weekend.

USA Today reported on the top beaches for Memorial Day weekend, and topping the list was Clearwater Beach in Florida.

Clearwater Beach is repeatedly listed as one of the best beaches to visit in the nation. Those looking for a great destination for Memorial Day weekend with plenty of events to keep busy will want to consider visiting Clearwater Beach.

Next on the list is Amelia Island, also in Florida. Florida destinations often top the list of best beaches for Memorial Day weekend, due to the warm climate and that the Gulf waters are already at a perfect temperature. Amelia Island also has a full schedule of Memorial Day activities planned.

USA Today also chose Indiana Dunes as one of their top Memorial Day weekend destinations.

In addition to the USA Today report, the Travel Channel also compiled a list of the best beach destinations for Memorial Day weekend. While Florida topped the USA Today list, Virginia Beach, Virginia, leads the Travel Channel‘s list. Virginia Beach provided a list of resort towns that are perfect for Memorial Day getaways on the beach.

CBS Local compiled a list of the five best New York beaches for those celebrating Memorial Day weekend. These include Rockaway Beach in Queens, Orchard Beach in the Bronx, Brighton Beach in Brooklyn, and Franklin D. Roosevelt Boardwalk and Beach in Staten Island.

Those in San Francisco have plenty of beaches to choose from for their Memorial Day weekend. Top beaches in San Francisco include Pescadero State Beach, Montara State Beach, Devil’s Slide (Grey Whale Cove), “Taco Bell” Beach, Fort Funston Beach Walk, Ocean Beach, Baker Beach, Marshall’s Beach, Stinson Beach, and Agate Beach Park.

Are you planning on spending Memorial Day weekend at the beach?

[Photo by EllenSmile/Shutterstock]