Proof Of Ghosts At Last? Ghost Of 19th Century Shopkeeper Caught On Camera Inside Building Where She Had Worked [Video]

Paranormal investigators claim that footage proving the existence of ghosts has emerged at last.

The ghost of a former shopkeeper, who died more than a century ago, was allegedly caught on surveillance camera floating around inside a vintage clothes shop, apparently inspecting vintage T-shirts displayed for sale inside the shop at the building in Nottingham, England, where she had worked.

The creepy footage was caught on surveillance camera inside a vintage clothes and antiques store called Hopkinson Vintage, Antiques and Art Center, located on Station Street, Nottingham, England.

It appears to show a ghostly specter with the outline of a person floating into the store and wandering around the room, pausing as if to inspect T-shirts displayed on clothing rails before turning and disappearing mysteriously.

An employee posted the surveillance footage to Facebook on Thursday.

“Eek! We always had an inkling the building was haunted, but this week we spotted something a little disturbing on our CCTV!” the employee wrote in the video description.

It went viral immediately

Hopkinson was opened originally in the 1880s as an industrial merchants business, H. Hopkinson Ltd., run jointly by a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Hopkinson, the Nottingham Post reports.

The ghost was first spotted on surveillance footage by the business proprietor, Liam Woodgates, 31, while inspecting his business’s security system alone, late in the night, on Tuesday, ITV reports.

Woodgates said he got the fright of his life when he saw the ghostly apparition that appeared to be browsing clothing rails with vintage shirts late in the night.

“Out of the corner of my eye I spotted something moving,” Woodgates told ITV. “I thought there must be someone in the building; you hear all these stories of people hiding in shops and breaking out at night.”

“As I looked at it I saw this ghostly figure floating through the rails. I waited for it to come back a bit longer after that but I didn’t see anything else. I didn’t go and check,” he added.

Woodgates, his general manager Izzy Watts, employees and others with knowledge of the history of the building agree with paranormal investigators that it could be the ghost of Mrs. Hopkinson, the wife of the 19th century owner of the store.

“I was 100 percent convinced by the footage. When I saw it on my way into work, I actually felt sick,” Watts, 27, said. “I thought it was a joke. I actually text my boss to ask him but he swore it was real.”

“I’m really into the supernatural and I think it really does look like a woman,” she said.

“It’s as if she’s just walking over towards that rail of clothes to have a browse through,” she added. “It’s my favorite area of clothing in the shop, so she’s obviously a woman with taste.”

A shrouded ghost
Staff at the store said they had always felt the building was haunted and many people had been uneasy about being left alone in it.

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before, but the landlord who owns the shop has always said he feels uncomfortable here alone,” Watts said.

“In the past, customers have approached us to ask us if the place is haunted, especially if they’ve been on the shop floor by themselves.”

Following the latest incident, spooked workers have refused to be left alone in the store.

“We think it is Mrs. Hopkinson doing her shopping in the building,” Watts said.

But while paranormal enthusiasts are excited about the footage, skeptics have been scrutinizing it for flaws that could disprove claims the footage actually shows a real ghost.

Some skeptics have suggested the video is merely part of a viral marketing campaign by the business.

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