Nurse Takes A Nap While Woman Gives Birth Alone

A nurse in Botswana who decided to take a nap ultimately forced a woman to give birth all by herself. According to The Voice, the 36-year-old mother repeatedly called for help, though no one on the maternity ward answered her cries.

While Neo Morotsi was going into labor at Sekgoma Memorial Hospital, the nurse in charge was off having a nap. Morotsi claimed that, since she was unable to walk, reaching the alarm to summon the hospital’s staff was an impossibility. To add insult to injury, the sleeping caregiver attempted to blame the patient for the entire situation.

Prior to giving birth, Morotsi claims that she told the nurse that she going into labor.

“But she just looked at me and left the ward,” the woman explained. “About an hour later I felt that the baby was coming and I screamed for help, but the nurse was still nowhere to be found until I gave birth alone.”


The Stir reports that Neo Morotsi wasn’t the only expectant mother who had issues with the hospital staff that day. Two other mothers were in the ward as well, and all of them had something nasty to say about their experience.

Sadly, this doesn’t appear to be an isolated incident. The Voice states that an anonymous source from within Sekgoma Memorial Hospital explained that this isn’t the first time something horrible has happened on the maternity ward. About a week prior to this incident, a woman almost lost her child when the nurse in charge of the ward left the mother all by herself. Since hospital employees were nowhere to be found when she went into labor, other expectant mothers had to help the woman give birth.

“To tell the truth there is lot of negligence at Sekgoma which goes unreported probably because people don’t know their rights,” the source explained.