Victoria’s Secret Lawsuit: Lingerie Company Sued For Selling Knockoff Goods

Just because there’s a fancy picture on the box doesn’t mean that there’s a luxury item inside. Zephyrs, a lingerie distributor based out of New Jersey, recently filed a lawsuit against Victoria’s Secret claiming that the famous brand has been duping its customers with faulty advertising.

Zephyrs is basically accusing Victoria’s Secret of selling knockoffs.

The Telegraph reports that Zephyrs supplied Victoria’s Secret with Italian-made stockings for nearly a decade. The two companies ended their partnership in 2011 when Zephyrs started accusing VS of selling knockoff stockings from Canada in boxes that advertised Zephyrs Italian-made products.

Zephyrs claims that Victoria’s Secret switched the product but never changed the packaging. All they did was place a “Made In Canada” sticker on the back.

Lawyer Joseph Gioconda, who is representing Zephyrs, said:

“Victoria’s Secret changed the product in the packaging but didn’t change anything else except Made in Canada on the back of the package. It used to say Made in Italy.”

Debra McKinnon, owner and president of Zephyrs, said that the quality Zephyrs-designed product depicted on the package and the actual products that Victoria’s Secret are selling are vastly different. McKinnon said that the product has cheaper lace trim, irregular borders, less durable construction and missing heel reinforcements.

victoria's secret

McKinnon said:

“When I was in Chicago in March 2012, I went to a Victoria’s Secret store and picked up a package and saw it said Made in Canada. The product inside was drastically different than what [the image] was on the package.”

Do you think Victoria’s Secret is lying to its customers and selling knockoffs on purpose?